Public Facilities and Attractions (Museums, Libraries, Parks, Etc.)

Letter #1


In the midst of this bitter-cold winter season, many (Name of Town) residents find themselves dreaming of the summer sun. Of course, for kids and parents alike, memories of fun and relaxation at our local public pool come immediately to mind. We, the staff of your (Name of Public Department or Facility), also have summer on our minds. We are not just dreaming of the warmth and relaxation ahead of us, however (we'll leave that to you). Rather, we are planning new ways to enhance your experience.

At the close of the last few summer seasons, we surveyed a good portion of the residents who patronize the facility, for feedback about their experiences. Using this feedback, we determined that, to enhance the pleasure of the atmosphere, it is most important to renovate the (Name of item) and construct a new and more efficient (Name of item).

As you might expect, accomplishing these tasks requires funding. We are therefore writing to you and other (Name of Town) residents, therefore, to ask for your support of our intentions to enhance your public facility. As the enclosed brochure describes, there are numerous levels of support, each level significantly contributing to our ability to fulfill our plans. Please take a moment to read through this information and then use the enclosed form and envelope to send us your support in the form of a financial contribution.

We thank you sincerely for your time and contribution, and we look forward to seeing you throughout another beautiful and relaxing summer!

Letter #2


Springfield needs a bigger library! If you have been to the library recently, you will surely agree. The staff does a wonderful job, but even they cannot fit the books, the computers, and the people into space that simply isn't big enough. Our city has tripled in size since the old library was built 60 years ago.

The city council has a lot available for the new building (just east of the post office), but they don't want to raise taxes to pay for it. We on the library board, like most Springfield residents, agree with them, so here is what we invite you to do.

Please come to our Summer of the Library kick-off at the City Center on Saturday, June 2, from 12 noon until 4 p.m. Lunch, treats, and plenty of fun activities will be available, with all proceeds going to our library fund. Also, please pick up your Family Reading Jar and reading pledge card.

More details on this and other fundraisers will be available at the kick-off event.

Every community needs an effective library, and every member of the community can benefit from it! Thank you for your support.

Letter #3


The Springfield History Museum was established almost forty years ago, back in 1968. Since that time, it has been enjoyed by young and old alike and has served our community well as an inexpensive, fun, and educational means of entertainment.

We are very grateful to the city--and especially to the many individuals in the surrounding community--who make the operation of the museum a success. It is no secret that we would never have been around this long if it weren't for the financial contributions of so many giving people. In fact, more than 25 percent of our funding comes from generous people like you!

This year in particular, we are counting on the financial support of the members of the community, as we are planning to expand our building. By so doing, we will be able to display even more important artifacts and memorabilia, including a whole new wing that will be dedicated to more recent history (last half of the 20th century). We are very excited about the planned expansion, and we hope you are too!

In order to complete the $150,000 expansion, we are asking that community members help in our cause by contributing $25,000. Would you be willing, Mr. and Mrs. Doe, to help us reach this goal by making a donation of $50 today? You can send your check or money order in the enclosed envelope to the address above, or you can call 555-5555 and make a donation by debit or credit card. And in exchange for your generosity, we'll give you four free tickets so that you can come and see the new exhibits once the addition is complete.

We appreciate the support of citizens like you who have made this history museum a reality for these many years. I hope you will help us to make the museum even better by contributing to this worthwhile endeavor.

Letter #4


For the last several years, individuals in the surrounding neighborhoods have talked about the possibility of putting a park in the empty lot on the corner of Jupiter and Pepperwood Streets. There are a number of advantages to doing so: families would be able to have picnics, barbeques, and other get-togethers there; our children would have a place nearby to play; sports teams and other groups would be able to use ball fields there and participate in other recreational activities; and a well-cared-for park would look much better than the vacant lot looks now. Despite these obvious advantages, for various reasons--and primarily because of a lack of local government interest, and therefore funding--this idea has never come to fruition.

A number of us feel strongly that building a park there would be in everyone's best interest, and so I and several other interested community members have set up a nonprofit organization, City Park It!, so that we can work to raise much of the necessary funding to build the park. We have met with city officials to discuss this course of action, and they are quite willing to work with us to complete the project, now that we have taken the initiative to begin. In fact, they said that if we could raise one-half of the estimated funds needed, they would foot the rest of the bill.

We have already begun a number of projects to help raise the $100,000 required. One of these first fundraising activities, a benefits concert, will be held Saturday, September 20, at 7 p.m. in Doe Hall. Music will be provided by our local symphony. (See the enclosed flyer for more details.) The cost of each ticket is $25, and all proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to the park fund. To order tickets, call 555-5555, or you can e-mail Jane Doe at

I hope you will be able to support us in this effort by attending the concert-which promises to be a spectacular performance-and contributing to this worthwhile cause. I know your family will greatly benefit from the new park, and I look forward to seeing you at the concert!

P.S. If you are unable to attend the benefits concert, you are still invited to make a donation, if you would like to. Simply send your check to the address above.

How to Write this Fundraising Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Convey to readers the importance of the facility or establishment for which you are raising money. Describe the benefits that the place provides to the public, and express why it is necessary to raise the funds you are seeking.


  1. Tell about the organization you represent or the public facility for which you are trying to raise money.
  2. Illustrate the need for the funds that you are raising.
  3. Tell how the money that you are raising will benefit the community.
  4. Ask for a monetary donation or invite readers to participate in a fundraising event.
  5. Offer to give free (or reduced-price) admission to an upcoming event as a premium (gift), or invite donors to a recognition dinner or other celebratory activity.
  6. Thank readers for their past support (if applicable), and reiterate the importance of the funding that makes your services possible.

Write Your fundraising in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Tell about the organization you represent or the public facility for which you are trying to raise money.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • The Doe City Museum of Art was founded almost 200 years ago by one of the fathers of our city, Joseph Donovan III.
  • For more than 30 years, the Susan Ashton Public Library has been serving young and old alike.
  • This year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of our Fairfield Youth Community Center.
  • Did you know that in this city, we have over 20 public parks?
  • The Springfield Park and Recreation Program was started nearly 20 years ago to coordinate the many recreational activities and programs offered in our city.
  • The President's Club is a not-for-profit organization that provides financial support to our local history museum.
  • Our local library has been serving this community for more than 75 years.
  • The mission of the State Parks Council is to ensure that our parks and recreational areas serve the public in the best way possible.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • Founders' Club was established to
  • the Committee was founded in order to
  • our public library has provided
  • City Parks Council works together to
  • the Mary Jo Larsen Library was built in 1874
  • established the Madison Museum of Fine Art
  • Doe Park offers a wide variety
  • has been a family favorite for over 50 years
  • boasts a number of recreational
  • has served the public
  • our five city parks
  • a variety of recreational areas perfect for
  • Fairview City Park and Recreation program
  • is a not-for-profit organization
  • work with city officials
  • Davidson Dinosaur Museum presents many
  • have the mission of
  • take pride in the
2 Illustrate the need for the funds that you are raising.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • Over the years, the amount of government funding we receive has diminished because of other pressing needs, and last year, the government ended our funding altogether.
  • In order to preserve this historic landmark, we would like to raise money to build a small park and to maintain the site so that it will benefit visitors for years to come.
  • Our current facility, though it has served us well, is simply too small to hold any more books or other resources.
  • We want to provide safe, fun recreational alternatives for the youth in our community, and so we have made plans to build a skate park adjacent to North Park.
  • Because we don't want to lose the valuable historical treasures we have here and in the nearby communities, we would like to build an airplane museum, right here in Pleasant Town.
  • We feel that allowing our kids a place to play and participate in outdoor recreation really is important to their mental and physical health, and so we have made plans to build five additional parks throughout the city.
  • We do not receive any government funding at the zoo, and because we want to keep admission affordable to everyone, we periodically raise money to supplement the admission we receive.
  • As you have probably noticed, many of our city parks could use some TLC. We have established a fund for just such a purpose.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • unfortunately, our public funding has been cut
  • receive no government funding
  • additional funds will be used to
  • want to expand our current
  • purchase more land for additional parks
  • purchase additional artwork that will be displayed
  • build a new wing
  • renovate our current building
  • update our collection of
  • revitalize the park
  • opportunity to purchase a great number of new books
  • used to build a public library
  • develop a skate park
  • provide a safe, wholesome environment for our children
  • expand our children's wing
  • increase the number of
  • currently unable to keep up with
  • important to the quality of life of
  • cover the expense of
  • build an airplane museum
  • has been long overdue
  • much-needed repairs for
  • will be used to staff the
  • able to hire additional
  • able to improve
  • offer a fun, educational, and inexpensive
3 Tell how the money that you are raising will benefit the community.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • With the additional funds we hope to raise, we will be able to purchase 20,000 more books in the next two years.
  • By adding five new parks, more parents will be able to spend time with their children playing games and sports, barbequing or picnicking, and playing with their children on the swings, slides, and other equipment.
  • The funding we receive from this annual drive makes it possible for us to allow visitors to come free of charge.
  • In addition to preserving an important part of our history, the new museum will also generate additional revenue for our city.
  • Public parks provide hours of free entertainment for the whole family, and they allow children to receive the exercise they so desperately need in our sedentary society.
  • Expanding the art museum will allow us to display even more of the works of our local artists.
  • The addition of a community center to our town will give old and young alike a safe environment to learn and grow. The wide variety of programs, classes, and lectures we plan to offer will cater to almost every interest.
  • The addition of a water park will be a fun way for the whole family to spend the hot summer months. Moreover, we plan to offer swimming classes, water aerobics, and other activities.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • give kids and teens a healthy alternative
  • additional parks will provide
  • renovations will provide additional space
  • offer an even wider variety of books
  • allow us to accommodate
  • new museum will also provide additional revenue to
  • provide wholesome recreation for
  • ideal for the whole family
  • for all to enjoy
  • able to come free of charge
  • able to enjoy the beauty of
  • appreciate the fine works of
  • display local talent
  • make recreation more accessible to
  • a beautiful addition to our town
  • revitalize the downtown area
  • preserve a part of nature
  • money will be used to
  • donations from this special fundraiser will go
  • increase the number of
  • inexpensive entertainment
  • will be starting a wide variety of programs
  • provide a safe environment for
4 Ask for a monetary donation or invite readers to participate in a fundraising event.

Sample Sentences for Step 4

  • In order to raise the necessary funds, we will be holding a huge charity ball next month, on Friday, November 4, where all proceeds will go directly to fund the construction.
  • To be able to do the proposed expansion, we must raise $100,000 by the end of the year. That is why we are asking you to contribute $100 to help us meet this goal.
  • As our first fundraising activity, we will be holding an auction and inviting everyone from the surrounding neighborhoods to attend.
  • We will be holding a benefit concert on Saturday, March 20, at 6:30 p.m. to help raise the money we will need. The cost of the concert is $50, and all proceeds will go toward the proposed expansion.
  • Will you show your support for this effort by participating in our fundraising campaign?
  • Your monthly contribution of just $30 will help ensure that the museum can stay open and serve the public for years to come.
  • To raise the money for the renovation, we will be holding a telethon all next week.
  • Mr. Long, will you help us to bring in the $50,000 we need by sending a donation today of $50 or more?

Key Phrases for Step 4

  • asking citizens to donate
  • your donation of $100
  • generous donation of $200
  • monthly contribution of $25
  • asking all to come and participate
  • our annual fundraiser will be
  • annual contribution of $350
  • could contribute $50
  • for a minimum donation of $75
  • please donate $50, $40, or whatever you can afford
  • hope you will participate in our annual
  • take part in our bike-a-thon
  • will be holding a bake sale every
  • all proceeds from the charity ball
  • a special evening of entertainment
  • purchase tickets to our
  • show your support by
  • will be holding a benefits concert
  • come to our fundraising auction
  • invite all to attend our
  • asking for the participation of
5 Offer to give free (or reduced-price) admission to an upcoming event as a premium (gift), or invite donors to a recognition dinner or other celebratory activity.

Sample Sentences for Step 5

  • As an added bonus, all those who contribute to our fund drive will receive free admission for two to the museum on a day of your choice.
  • We want to show our appreciation to all those who contribute to this cause by giving away four all-day tickets, good for free admission on our opening day.
  • In addition, all those who donate to the Fund will receive tickets for special donors--only sneak preview of the new park.
  • We will be having a special thank-you dinner to honor all those who contribute to the fundraising campaign.
  • If you send your donation by next Friday, March 20, we will give you free admission for two to our next exhibit.
  • Because we truly appreciate your patronage, we want to give you two free tickets--yours to keep, no strings attached.
  • And if you make a donation of $5,000 or more, you will be invited as our honored guests to a special recognition dinner, and we will add your name to our "Distinguished Donors" wall.
  • All donors will receive free all-day admission to any of our state parks.

Key Phrases for Step 5

  • accept as a free gift
  • give each donor a pair of free tickets
  • yours absolutely free
  • to show our appreciation
  • free admission for the whole family
  • offering tickets for half price
  • invited to our recognition dinner
  • would like to honor those
  • all are invited to a special
  • come to a special sneak-preview
  • holding a special
  • donors-only
  • free admission to our next exhibit
  • all-day admission to any of our
  • offering a premium of
  • invite your family to attend
  • would like to invite you to
  • as a valued donor, we are offering
6 Thank readers for their past support (if applicable), and reiterate the importance of the funding that makes your services possible.

Sample Sentences for Step 6

  • Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez, we truly appreciate the support you have given to the Foundation in the past. We hope you will help us meet our current goal, as well, so that we can complete the much-needed expansion on the library.
  • We are grateful for the continued support of so many of our loyal patrons. Please help us today by giving a generous donation to this project.
  • As you know, the only money we receive comes from the funds we raise. Help make this next fundraiser a success by contributing generously to our cause!
  • We know that this program wouldn't exist without the generous contributions of people like you. We truly are grateful for your support!
  • Every year, donations from people like you make it possible for us to keep the museum free to the public. Thank you!
  • Your donations allow us to maintain the parks and other recreational areas throughout the state. We truly do appreciate it.
  • We know that you appreciate the historical sites in our state, so please commit today to helping us maintain them by sending in your generous donation.
  • We know that this town will benefit from a community center, so make your donation today!

Key Phrases for Step 6

  • grateful to all those
  • once again, we want to express
  • truly appreciate the support
  • grateful for the continued support
  • make it possible for us to
  • wish to thank previous donors
  • know that we couldn't
  • wish to express our gratitude
  • would not be able to
  • without the financial support
  • count on the financial support of
  • receive no government funding
  • funded solely by
  • money from donations
  • your donations make it possible
  • your donations allow us to
  • so important to
  • allow us to operate
  • couldn't do it without

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