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Introduce your organization, mention some of your previous accomplishments, and describe how the money you are hoping to raise will directly benefit mistreated or neglected animals in your area. Appeal to the sentiments of animal lovers everywhere.

How to write this fundraising letter:

  1. Begin your letter with a compelling story or with statistics that will demonstrate the need for which you are hoping to raise funds.
  2. Tell about your organization or about the cause you are supporting: include details about the history of the organization, their accomplishments, their current projects or efforts in the community, and so forth.
  3. Ask for a specific monetary donation (but mention that contributions of more or less will always be welcome).
  4. Restate the need for the money you are raising, and thank readers for their interest in aiding in this cause.

Example Letter #1


The only no-kill shelter in our area, (Name of Shelter), houses and cares for at least 100 abused or abandoned cats and dogs at any given time. Although some of our animals, especially the younger residents, are welcomed into the homes of compassionate residents of our community, the majority of our animals live out their days within our friendly compound. As the term "no-kill" implies, we never sacrifice the lives of these unfortunate animals but rather choose to provide a dignified and loving environment for the remainder of their lives.

Of course, providing such a service requires not only a sizeable staff of volunteers but also significant monetary funds. From food to medical treatment to daily comforts and care, all aspects of our operation are paid for by the generous donations of the members of our community. We are writing today, therefore, to ask you to join our cause by contributing to the operational expenses for the coming year. A donation of just $100 would help us cover the cost for the care of two to three animal residents of our compound. Of course, a donation at any higher or lower level would be warmly appreciated as well.

For your convenience, we have enclosed a pre-addressed, prepaid envelope with which you can send us your support. We thank you for your time and consideration, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Example Letter #2


Fluffy lived in a happy home, the adored pet of three small children. Also in the neighborhood were three adult dogs, six half-grown puppies, and a countless number of cats. Nobody really knows, as they keep producing new litters. Fluffy was one of the lucky ones--until last week, that is. She was adopted by a loving family, given her shots and spayed when she was old enough. Then last week, two of those young dogs came into her yard and that was the end of Fluffy. Three little children and their parents were broken-hearted. They held a tender graveside service for their beloved pet.

Very few people mean to be cruel to animals, but innocent animals continue to suffer every day. Some people don't understand their responsibilities. Others feel they can't afford to have their pets spayed or neutered.

That is why PetsCare offers free, informative classes on caring for pets, together with our low-cost spay and neuter clinics. We take our Neuter Van into neighborhoods like Fluffy's and, while our trained veterinarians work on the animals, our volunteers teach the owners.

As you can imagine, this all costs money. But we believe that it will save money and a great deal of suffering in the long run. That is why we are turning to you now. Can you help us by donating $35, the cost of spaying one animal? We have enclosed a reply envelope for your convenience.

If this is more than you can afford right now, we would appreciate any amount that you could send us. We know that the animals of Springfield would appreciate it too.

Example Letter #3


I hope you will indulge me while I tell you a brief story. Dodger, a German shepherd, is one of the happiest pets I know. His family, the Doe's, have thoroughly enjoyed his company ever since they adopted him two years ago. During that time, they have loved him and cared for him and treated him as one of their own. But Dodger did not always lead such a charmed life. When Dodger was brought to the shelter, he was malnourished to the point where I didn't know if he could be saved, and he did not want to be touched or handled at all. With tender care and patience, however, he was as good as new after only a few months. Shortly thereafter, the Doe family adopted him, and they have been happy companions ever since.

For more than 50 years we at the Springfield Animal Shelter have been caring for neglected and abandoned animals--like Dodger--and preparing them for new homes. Last year alone, we were able to place over 300 pets in warm, loving homes.

However, despite these encouraging numbers, we are still unable to cope with the large number of animals that enter our doors each year because we simply do not have the financial resources to do so. Which is why we are holding a fundraiser next month-to help bridge this gap so that we can provide the care so desperately needed by our furry friends.

Would you be willing to participate in our 5K walk/run on September 25 to help us raise the money needed to care for neglected and abandoned animals in our area? We will be meeting at Springfield Park at 8 a.m. sharp. To participate in the event, simply fill out the enclosed registration form and send a check or money order--or you can pay by debit or credit card, if you prefer--for $75 to the address above. All proceeds are tax-deductible and go directly to help neglected and abandoned animals in our area.

I hope you will be able to participate in the fundraising event next month. We look forward to seeing you there!

Example Letter #4


The Johnson Town Humane Society has been caring for and providing temporary homes for mistreated, neglected, and abandoned animals for years. In addition to providing housing and nutritional care, however, we also provide medical care for animals in need, including giving animals vaccines, caring for injuries, and providing spay and neutering services. In fact, each year, we spend roughly $20,000 on such care.

It is our mission to find a warm and loving home for every animal that comes through our doors, and having the means to provide adequate medical attention to the animals that need it is an important and necessary part of achieving that goal.

In order to continue to provide the medical care these animals need, we have set up a special fund that members of the community can contribute to. Will you become a Friend of the Society by making a monthly contribution to this cause? You can donate $10, $25, $50, or any amount you choose. And, to show our appreciation for your support, we will send to you a quarterly newsletter that tells about current events and other important news.

To become a Friend, simply fill out the attached form with your preferred method of payment and the amount you wish to contribute each month, and mail it in the enclosed, self-addressed envelope. After becoming a Friend, we will send you a receipt each month for your tax records. If you ever want to change the amount of your monthly donation, simply indicate the change on the bottom portion of the receipt, detach it, and mail it to us. Your change will be reflected in the next month's statement.

Ms. Doe, with the financial support of people like you, we can continue to provide the medical care that so many abused and abandoned animals in our area need. Will you help us to meet this need by becoming a Friend today?

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Begin your letter with a compelling story or with statistics that will demonstrate the need for which you are hoping to raise funds.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • In our own city, more than 300 animals are put to sleep annually because the local shelter can not cope with the numbers of abandoned animals.
  • Scout was just a kitten when he was found, abandoned and starving, and brought here to be cared for.
  • Sadly, there are many animals like Chocolate who are not as fortunate.
  • At the local chapter of the humane society, we do our best to find a loving home for every animal that comes our way.
  • Unfortunately, we simply do not have the resources to meet the growing need.
  • And, just like Fluffy, we believe that every animal deserves a warm and caring home.
  • Last year alone, 15 animal shelters throughout the country had to close because of a lack of funding.
  • Every day, we have to put animals down because we simply can not cope with the number of animals we receive each day.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • too many stories that are similar to the one
  • many more animals just like Charlie who need
  • last year alone we had to
  • unfortunately, stories like this are all too common
  • every day, more than 1,000
  • deserve a warm, caring home
  • Jane was just a puppy when
  • because of a lack of funding
  • without the proper resources
  • don't want to have to
  • no animal should ever
  • every year more than
  • every day we have to
  • Buster and Snowball were found
  • every minute, somewhere there is
  • last year, more than 5,000

2 Tell about your organization or about the cause you are supporting: include details about the history of the organization, their accomplishments, their current projects or efforts in the community, and so forth.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • The Doe City Animal Shelter was founded nearly 30 years ago, in 1978.
  • Ourtown Humane Society was established in 1985 by none other than Jane Simons.
  • In the last five years, we have cared for and found permanent homes for more than 10,000 of our furry friends.
  • Our nonprofit organization was started more than 20 years ago to provide temporary care for abandoned and abused animals in our area.
  • Right now, our biggest objective is to educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets in order to prevent overpopulation.
  • Because of the growing need, we have decided to expand our current facility to almost twice its current capacity.
  • In addition, we offer free vaccinations for common household pets.
  • This summer, we will be holding classes to educate the public about proper care of pets, and we will be offering free spaying and neutering services.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • the Fairfield Animal Shelter
  • Artington Humane Society
  • was established in 1980
  • have been working for more than 40 years
  • provide free vaccinations/shots
  • since the time it was founded in
  • offer free spay and neutering services
  • provides temporary shelter for more than
  • free clinic for abandoned and mistreated animals
  • not-for-profit organization that provides
  • this year we have been able to
  • were able to save
  • planning to build a new shelter next year
  • build an addition to the current
  • expand the current facilities
  • until they can be placed in loving homes
  • offer a temporary home to
  • have expanded our program to serve
  • was originally founded to
  • we are currently working to
  • current efforts are focused on
  • this summer we hope to
  • next month we will be working to

3 Ask for a specific monetary donation (but mention that contributions of more or less will always be welcome).

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • Of course, being able to provide these services costs money. That's why I'm writing to ask you to make a $25 donation to our cause.
  • In order to expand our current shelter, we must raise $100,000. Would you be willing to help us in this effort by making a generous donation of $100 or more?
  • To meet the ongoing demands of caring for our four-legged friends, we are asking for the monetary support of those in our community. Will you contribute $25 per month to allow us to accomplish this?
  • With a donation of $45, we can provide 100 of the most common vaccinations.
  • Would you make a contribution of $75 to the Foundation to help fund these classes?
  • To offer these free services, we need the support of concerned and caring people like you. Will you donate $200, Mrs. Williamson, to help us reach our goal of raising $50,000?
  • We receive no government funding, so we are completely financially dependent on outside donations. Will you help us to continue our work by committing to give an annual donation of $500 to our cause?
  • If $50 is too much at this time, would you consider making a $30 donation instead? Any amount you can contribute will be truly appreciated.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • donate $25 to help us in our effort to
  • with donations of $50, we can provide 25 vaccinations
  • please donate $30 today
  • if you cannot pledge $50, perhaps you could donate
  • hoping to raise $5,000 by next month
  • make a monthly/annual donation of
  • your donation of $45 will pay for the cost of one
  • please consider donating $30, $40, $50, or more if you can
  • send a check for $25
  • when you send your donation of $100 or more, we'll send you a free
  • if $75 is too much, would you consider donating
  • every little bit helps
  • accepting donations of any amount
  • please send however much you can

4 Restate the need for the money you are raising, and thank readers for their interest in aiding in this cause.

Sample Sentences for Step 4
  • The story of Buster truly has a happy ending, but not all stories do. With your help, we can provide "happy endings" for many more animals that come our way.
  • Because we receive no other funding, we really are counting on you. Please help us to make our dream a reality by making a donation today.
  • Unfortunately, too many stories are identical to Charger's. Please make a donation today, and help every animal to have a home.
  • We want to end the senseless neglect and abuse of animals. Will you help us to accomplish this goal?
  • Unless we receive additional funding, we will have to close our shelter. Please pledge your support today so that we can continue to care for the needy animals in our area.
  • We want to thank all of you for your interest in our cause, and we hope you will feel compelled to aid us in our effort by making a financial donation today.
  • We truly appreciate the many individuals who make our work a reality. Without their financial support, our organization would not exist.
  • We can stop the neglect and abuse, but we need your help. Please commit to doing your part today!
Sample Phrases for Step 4
  • every day that goes by
  • want to end the senseless
  • with the money you donate
  • money donated will allow us to
  • desperately need money from people like
  • we're counting on you
  • only funding we receive comes from
  • such an important work to do
  • please support this worthwhile cause
  • please send your donation today
  • want to thank those who have contributed in the past
  • truly appreciate the individuals who make it possible
  • know that we couldn't operate without
  • too many cases where animals like Boxer are
  • express our gratitude to the many thoughtful
  • don't want any more stories like that of
  • we can stop the
  • help make a difference by
  • so please, mail your tax-deductible donation today
  • wish to express our thanks
  • without your help
  • counting on the support of
  • means so much to

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