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Sample Letter #1


As a member of (Name of Church), you've experienced firsthand the family feeling of our community. Even through the significant growth of the past years, the congregation has retained warmth, fellowship, and sincere connection among its members. And our members don't only worship together; they also engage themselves in daily activities and causes to benefit the community of (Name of Town) as a whole.

One particularly established and valued community project begun by members years ago is the (Name of Church) soup kitchen. Each week, members donate their time and resources to gather and then serve the poor and hungry residents of our community, and each week the visitors of the soup kitchen are nourished by the food served and by the compassion of those serving.

This valued and unique community service requires support from members, of course, and it is with this concern in mind that we are writing to you today. Each week, the soup kitchen requires members to fetch supplies, cook the food, prepare the service area, and then serve the visitors of the kitchen. We would warmly welcome your involvement in any of these activities. However, we also would like to emphasize our need for funds. Although donated materials cover most of the soup kitchen's needs, each week the kitchen must purchase some food and drink to complete the offerings of the week. To help us cover these costs and continue providing the best service to our visitors, we hope you will consider using the enclosed form and envelope to donate $20 or $30 to this worthy cause.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Sample Letter #2


As members of the Christian Church, we are called to go "into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15).

In the past 50 years our missionaries have taken the gospel to every continent, and many people have been saved. Now, in the wake of natural disasters that have shaken the world, we have the opportunity to help and gather souls in places we had only dreamed of in the past.

Now is the time for us to step up our missionary program, but we need the support of every member. Can you help? We need bibles and buildings in Thailand where our church buildings were destroyed in the tsunami, and soup and stipends for the hungry everywhere, and support for our full-time missionaries in many countries.

Would you be able to pledge $35 every month to this great effort? If not, we would appreciate just as much as you could afford. Your donation will bless the lives of many and will surely return to you tenfold in joy and blessings.

A pledge form is enclosed with several payment options. Please choose whatever is most convenient for you.

Sample Letter #3


Our local congregation of the Church of God, a nondenominational Christian church, was formed almost 30 years ago. Since that time, we have been spreading the message of the Good News with believer and nonbeliever alike, sharing the love of God for all of his children, and serving the less fortunate in our community through our many humanitarian relief efforts. All our brothers and sisters, no matter their station in life, are more than welcome to come and worship with us.

For nearly all of the 30 years we have had a congregation here in this community, we have met in our chapel at the corner of Box Elder and Cyprus. You have undoubtedly driven by our building countless times. We have put that building to good use, and in many ways it has been our home away from home. During the past 30 years, it has served us well. And we would like it to continue to do so for years to come.

In order to continue meeting in our chapel, however, the time has come for some much-needed renovation must be done. The roof needs to be redone, and the carpets and many of the pews must be replaced. Though this may seem like a sizeable task, we are confident that, with the support of people from the community, it can be easily accomplished.

That's why we are holding a special fundraiser on Saturday, June 6, in order to raise the $5,000 needed to help pay for the cost of the repairs. We will be holding a bazaar from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. that day, and all proceeds will go to this special objective. We are inviting everyone from the community to come and participate in the bazaar and help us raise money for this very worthwhile cause. Also, any who would like to make, bake, or buy items to be sold at the bazaar are more than welcome to do so. So mark your calendars, and come and join us for this special event.

By helping us to raise the money needed to renovate our building, you will ensure that we can continue to serve the members of this community for many years. I sincerely hope to see you at the bazaar!

P.S. If you are unable to attend the bazaar, but would still like to contribute to this cause, please do so. You can send a donation of any amount to the address above. Thank you!

Sample Letter #4


I am writing on behalf of a group of young adults in our congregation. As you know, for several years now our church has sent small groups of individuals, particularly college students, on three-month missions overseas during the summer to spread the Lord's gospel to those who have not yet been fortunate enough to hear it.

Well, the time has come to prepare for our missionary efforts for this upcoming summer. In just over five months, nine of our young people will be traveling to Springfield to take the teachings of our Lord to the people there. But in order to do that, they must raise $3,000 in the next three months, which will cover all their transportation, housing, food, and other expenses. Will you help to send one willing soul by making a contribution of $300 to our missionary fund? You can mail your tax-deductible donation in the enclosed envelope, or you can bring the donation to the church and leave it with Sister Doe, who is acting as treasurer of the fund.

I am sure you are aware of the many blessings in your life because of your knowledge of the gospel of Christ. Will you help to share those blessings with your brothers and sisters in Springfield by making a generous donation today?

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