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Sample Letter #1


For more than twenty years, the (Name of Theater) has been entertaining and challenging the (Name of Town) community with top-notch productions of both classical and contemporary plays. Featuring a wide and diverse cast including the talented and celebrated actors (Name) and (Name), and benefiting from the innovative and skillful set and costume design of (Name), the theater's productions have regularly received the admiration of both the local and statewide press.

Given this strength of quality and reputation, people are often surprised to learn that the theater is an entirely nonprofit operation. But it's true. Each member of the group contributes his or her talents entirely out of personal passion and out of the desire to enrich the culture terrain of the community.

However, as you know, even nonprofit organizations need a financial foundation with which to pay for the ordinary expenses of materials, space, utilities, and publicity. At (Name of Theater), such funds are entirely the result of ticket sales.

As the start of the new season approaches, therefore, we are writing to let you know about the exciting theater currently in preparation. We have enclosed a brochure detailing the story and cast for each planned production. We have also enclosed a form that can be used to purchase tickets for the entire season or for individual plays. Tickets are sure to sell fast, so please consider placing your order as soon as possible to ensure your place in the audience. Your contribution will bring you hours of fine entertainment and will help the talented cast and crew of (Name of Theater) to continue enriching the cultural life of our community.

Sample Letter #2


For the past 10 years, Shakespeare for Kids has been giving the children of our state their first taste of the bard's classic works. Staffed mainly by student volunteers from Springfield State's Drama department, the group travels to other schools and presents their repertoire, skillfully adapted to the understanding of the students. How many states can boast that 70% of their elementary school children know who Portia is? They performed "The Merchant of Venice" this past year, for about 70% of our city schools.

All this has been done without any expense to the individual schools, but the grant that has paid for the program is running out, and if we would like to retain the program, we will need to finance it now ourselves.

As a fundraiser, Shakespeare for Kids will present "The Merchant of Venice" again in the Springfield High Auditorium on Friday and Saturday, May 20 and 21, at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets will be $20 each, and are available at the high school office. All the money raised will go towards keeping this outstanding program going another year.

Please come and join us--we know you will enjoy the show!

Sample Letter #3


For more than 30 years, the Springfield Theater Group has been bringing quality entertainment to families in this community. During that time, they have performed a plethora of productions, from Sophocles to Shakespeare to Rogers and Hammerstein to Tennessee Williams. Under the direction of Steve Mason, their longtime director, they have built a fine reputation.

Over the years, the theater company has delighted audiences young and old alike. And we want to continue to bring you quality performances for years to come. The time has come to update some of our equipment, and so we are raising $50,000 to purchase a new lighting and sound system. With the new system, you'll be assured the highest quality productions we can put on. Will you help us keep this legacy alive and thriving by donating $100 to the theater company so that we can buy this needed equipment?

In return for your generous donation, we will give you a pair of tickets to a play of your choice during the upcoming year. Simply write your check directly to the Springfield Theater Group and send it in the enclosed, stamped envelope by Monday, September 21. When we receive your check in the mail, we will send you the vouchers for the pair of free tickets, a sincere expression of our appreciation for your willingness to help us continue our work.

We have made a commitment to bring quality entertainment to the people in this community. Please help us to keep that commitment by sending in your $100 donation today!

Sample Letter #4


Ten years ago, a dream was born. At that time, one young singer with vision had the desire to be part of a performing musical group. Because no such group then existed in the community, she started spreading the word about this interest, and soon a group of talented, dedicated high school-age performers--Youth Vocal Pointe--was formed. Since that time the group has grown to include over 30 performers, and their fame is known throughout the surrounding communities.

Youth Vocal Pointe brings outstanding entertainment to a wide audience. With their enthusiasm and commitment, they have truly made a name for themselves. And this summer, they have the chance to spread that fame even further: they have been given the opportunity to go on an international tour to perform throughout Europe and Asia.

This is a life-changing opportunity for these young people, one that they have worked very hard for. In addition, many of them will work all spring to earn money to help pay the $3,800 each that will cover their travel, food, lodging, and other expenses. In addition to their individual efforts, we will be holding various fund drives to help raise the necessary money. Our first fundraiser will be a special performance the group will put on early next month, on February 4 at 7 p.m. in Kingston Hall (see the enclosed flier for more information). The price of admission will be $50 per person, and all of the money will go toward paying for their tour.

This special performance will be one of their best, so mark your calendars and plan to attend to help them raise money for this worthwhile cause. I know you'll be glad you did.

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