College or University (Including Programs or Departments)

Letter #1


As an alumnus of the Creative Writing Department at (Name of University), you've experienced first-hand the passion and commitment of our diverse and talented writing faculty, you've participated in the stimulating and constructive discussions of our classrooms, and you've produced writing emblematic of the sophistication and craft fostered by the experiences of our program. We know, therefore, that you understand the rarity and value of the time spent moving through the phases of the MFA degree in the Creative Writing Department at (Name of University).

Each year, the program accepts only the most promising of the hundreds of applicants interested. And each year, the department commits itself to fully supporting the education of the students accepted. Through stipends and teaching opportunities, the costs of tuition are waved for every student. However, our ability to provide this level of support depends on donations from alumni and other individuals aware of the value of our program.

We are writing today, therefore, to ask you to reflect on the value of your time and experiences within the Creative Writing Department at (Name of University) and then to consider making a donation to help us continue providing the same quality of experiences to the young talent entering the program each year. In particular, we hope you will consider sponsoring one student through his or her first year. A contribution of just $5000 would provide the necessary funds. Of course, a contribution at any other level would be warmly appreciated.

For your convenience, we have enclosed a pre-addressed, prepaid envelope. We greatly appreciate your continued connection to our program, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Letter #2


As a member of the Springfield State University Alumni Association, we hope you will choose to be part of our drive to raise money for scholarships.

As educational costs skyrocket, more and more potential students are choosing to forgo higher education. Others who don't qualify for Pell Grants, but lack the resources to pay tuition and other costs, find themselves faced with frightening levels of debt.

As SSU Alumni, we can't help everybody, but we can at least help some deserving students gain the education they desire. If each one of us gives a little, the results will be huge. In order for this to have a meaningful impact, we need to raise at least a million dollars.

Consider what your degree has done for your annual earning power. Do you think you could give 1% of that earning power back to Springfield State? That's all we're asking, just 1 %. Obviously, you're welcome to give more or less to the scholarship fund, depending on your circumstances.

Whatever you choose to give will be gratefully accepted, and when you do send your donation, be sure to let us know your shirt size. We have Springfield State Polo shirts as gifts for the first 300 donors!

Letter #3


First, may we sincerely thank you for being a long-time supporter of our university. We truly have appreciated your generosity over the years, as it has allowed us to accomplish many great things.

As you know, at MRU we make it our mission to put our students first. We believe everyone has the right to a top-notch education--not just the wealthy. That's why we put such an importance on scholarships and other financial aid, in order to help all of our students achieve success. This year, in the education department, we have set a goal to raise an additional $200,000--all of which will be awarded as scholarships to deserving incoming students of the education program.

We know that education is generally not the most rewarding career financially, and we want to lighten the burden of those who choose to follow a career in education so that they will feel free to do so without worrying about a large student loan repayment.

Will you help us, Mr. Doe, to accomplish this aim by sending a donation of $500 to our department by next Friday, November 5, in the enclosed envelope? To show our appreciation, we will send to you a copy of our department journal, The Educational Eye--yours absolutely free when you make your 100 percent tax-deductible donation to the department.

Remember, all contributions made will go directly to fund department scholarships for needy but deserving freshmen students for next fall. I hope you will help to make the dream of affordable higher education a reality by sending in your generous donation by next Friday. I know you'll be glad you did.

Letter #4


Springfield Valley State College has come a long way since it was established back in 1970. Originally founded as Springfield Valley Technical School, the college has grown and expanded beyond anyone's expectations in the last 37 years. We are very proud of the progress we have made and the things we have accomplished in that relatively short time. For instance, we now offer 48 bachelor's degrees (with more soon to come); we have a student body of more than 20,000; and, on average, our newly graduated students have the best incomes in the state.

We would like to continue this pursuit of excellence by becoming a university by 2019. To do so, we have been working closely with the state board of education and with other city, state, and national officials. By becoming a university, we will be able to offer an even better educational experience to our students. And the larger community will benefit as well, as they will be able to take more classes for continuing education and will have the opportunity to view more theatrical, musical, and dance productions.

In order to achieve this objective, we are hoping for the generous financial support of the greater community. Will you help us, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson, to meet our goal of raising $1 million by making a donation of $250, $500, or $1000 (or more)? Your donation will help us to cover the many initial expenses inherent in becoming a four-year university.

To make a financial contribution to this effort, simply make your check or money order out to "Springfield Valley University Fund" and mail it in the enclosed, self-addressed envelope. Then, when we receive your donation for $250 or more by October 20, we will send to you a classy desk clock that has the new Springfield Valley University logo. This gift is yours, absolutely free--it's our way of saying "thank you" for helping us in this important cause.

We look forward with great anticipation to the day when the college will become a university. Please help make this dream a reality by making a generous donation today!

How to Write this Fundraising Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Determine the audience for the fundraising letter: faculty, former faculty, alumni, students, members of the community, and/or parents of students. Invite someone who has an influential role in the college, department, university, or alumni association to write or sign the letter.


  1. Identify the beneficiary of the fundraiser (a university, college, department, etc.).
  2. Describe the specific needs that the money raised will meet.
  3. Indicate the benefits that will come from the money raised--not just to the university or department, but to those who contribute (or to the community as a whole), as well.
  4. Tell how much money you are trying to raise.
  5. Ask for a specific amount of money (but offer alternative amounts, as well), and indicate the date by which the money should be received.
  6. Consider offering a premium (gift) to donors as a token of appreciation for their generosity.
  7. Close by reiterating the need for the money being raised, and restate your hope that the letter recipient will make a (generous) donation.

Write Your fundraising in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Identify the beneficiary of the fundraiser (a university, college, department, etc.).

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • As you know, next month we will be holding our Humanities Department Annual Fundraiser.
  • You may have heard our alma mater is planning to build a new performing arts center.
  • Each year, we raise money for scholarships to be awarded to our talented and deserving students of the music department.
  • As dean of the College of Social Sciences, I want to announce to you a special opportunity to give back to your alma mater.
  • Next month, we will be holding a bike-a-thon to raise money for the College of Nursing.
  • I'm pleased to announce that next Saturday we will be holding our First Annual Doe University Fund Drive.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • on behalf of the
  • for the benefit of
  • to be awarded to
  • go to deserving students of the
  • to help fund the Departments of Mathematics and Science
  • raise money for the College of Humanities
  • Doe-Baxter University is counting on
  • used by the English Department
  • as dean of the
  • a representative of the
  • to be given to the Department of Music
  • raising money for our alma mater
  • raise money for Dixon College
  • fundraiser for Wellington University
  • raise money for Johnson Institute of Technology
2 Describe the specific needs that the money raised will meet.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • Every year, we have to turn away deserving students because of a lack of funding. That's why we have decided to hold a special drive to raise money for scholarships and other means of financial aid.
  • The money raised will be used to purchase additional medical equipment for the students to use during their practicum.
  • Because of the increased interest in the forensics department over the last few years, we have received approval to add another wing to the John E. Doe Forensics Building.
  • More specifically, the money will be used to purchase equipment for our new athletic center.
  • With the money we hope to raise, we will be able to provide twenty additional scholarships to new students who are accepted into the program.
  • All funds raised will be used for the renovation work be done on the education building.
  • The money we receive from this special fund drive will be used to improve and promote the college as we redouble our efforts to become a four-year university.
  • Technology changes very quickly in our field, and at times it is difficult to keep up. That is why we are holding this fund drive to raise more money for the science department.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • in order to purchase
  • will be used to augment
  • able to buy
  • help us fund
  • provide scholarships for more than
  • allow us to expand our program
  • able to increase the number of programs we offer
  • working to become a four-year university
  • improve the quality of education
  • add a new wing to our
  • renovate our student center
  • build a new athletic center
  • purchase thousands of new books
  • expand the library
  • purchase additional land for
  • expand our student-exchange program
  • increase the number of scholarships that
  • expecting to grow by more than
  • build more classrooms
  • renovate the existing
  • raise money to redo the roof
  • purchase art to be displayed in
  • rebuild the
  • expand the music/arts/sports program
3 Indicate the benefits that will come from the money raised--not just to the university or department, but to those who contribute (or to the community as a whole), as well.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • As a four-year university, we will be able to offer more programs to the many young people who seek higher education in this state.
  • With the additional funds, we will be able to purchase 10,000 new books for our library.
  • We are expecting to grow by 33 percent over the next ten years, and the additional space in the humanities building, our largest department, will hopefully ease the growing pains.
  • The new computers will allow more students to do Internet research and other necessary school-related tasks.
  • The new science museum will be a place of learning and entertainment for students and for other members of the community.
  • With the expanded library, students, as well as others, will have access to a wider variety of resources.
  • At the new fine arts center, students and non-students alike will be exposed to some of the finest works of art of our time.
  • With the addition of online courses, more students will be able to study when and where they can, and others in the community will also be able to take many of the classes they would otherwise not have been able to because of limited class sizes.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • able to provide
  • expand our current
  • update our
  • enhance the learning opportunities of
  • provide more resources for
  • purchase additional books for our library
  • provide a better education for
  • able to offer more programs
  • broaden the scope of
  • make a difference in the lives of
  • public will also be able to
  • a benefit to students and community members alike
  • enable us to purchase
  • able to make better use of
  • able to admit more
  • more students will be able to take part
  • offer a wider variety of courses
  • more students will be able to take advantage of
  • pay tribute to one of the great
  • used by students and faculty
  • a place where students and others can
  • for students and non-students alike
4 Tell how much money you are trying to raise.

Sample Sentences for Step 4

  • In order to construct the new wing and purchase the necessary classroom equipment, we will need to raise $200,000.
  • To offer the additional four-year, full-tuition scholarships, we must raise $750,000.
  • We would like to raise $50,000 to purchase these additional books.
  • The renovation of the student center will require a substantial amount of resources. To help mitigate the cost, we are working to raise $500,000 by the end of this year.
  • Though we know that this is an ambitious goal, we hope you will feel compelled to help us raise the necessary $350,000.
  • Because of this pressing need, we will be holding a special fund drive to raise the additional $20,000.
  • I know if we work together as a community, we can easily raise the $45,000 we need.
  • In order to update the activity center, we must raise $500,000 over the next two years.

Key Phrases for Step 4

  • hope to raise $100,000
  • at least $50,000
  • anonymous donor will match contributions up to $25,000
  • plan to raise $1 million over the next five years
  • would like to raise $10,000
  • more than $30,000
  • hope to raise even more
  • help us reach our goal of
  • lofty goal of
  • anticipate raising
  • this year we would like to double
  • hope to double the amount of donations
  • want to exceed the previous year's
  • hope to bring in
  • with everyone's combined efforts
  • by working together
5 Ask for a specific amount of money (but offer alternative amounts, as well), and indicate the date by which the money should be received.

Sample Sentences for Step 5

  • To help us reach this goal, will you contribute $500 to our Renovation Fund?
  • If 20,000 alumni each contribute $250, we will reach our goal. Would you be willing to contribute that amount?
  • If you are not able to contribute $100 at this time, would you consider donating $75, instead?
  • Though we have asked for a specific amount, any contribution you can make would be greatly appreciated.
  • Would you consider making a monthly contribution of $50 to help us maintain this facility for years to come?
  • If so, please send a check in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope by October 5.
  • Please send your check for the indicated amount no later than next Friday, March 27.
  • With your $1,000 donation, received by February 12, we can purchase 10 periodicals and 50 books.

Key Phrases for Step 5

  • please send your donation by
  • hope to receive all donations by
  • please mail your check before
  • before the deadline
  • please pledge your donation before
  • asking that donations be made by
  • your donation of $50
  • with your $500 donation
  • make an annual donation of
  • your monthly contribution of
  • bill you monthly
  • asking for donations of $100, $75, or $50
  • could you donate
  • hope you will donate
  • your check for $200
  • special donation of $300
  • of $250 or more
  • would you consider contributing
  • if you are unable to donate $200, could you donate $100 instead
6 Consider offering a premium (gift) to donors as a token of appreciation for their generosity.

Sample Sentences for Step 6

  • Because we truly do appreciate the sacrifices made by those who donate to the college, we are going to send all of you who make a donation of at least $100 an elegant, personalized fountain pen.
  • Moreover, all who make a donation will receive a complimentary subscription to our department magazine, Fine Art.
  • We want to show that we really are grateful for the funds we receive, so we're going to give the first 100 people who donate to the fund a nice desk clock (see picture below) with the school logo.
  • If you send in your donation this week, we will give you a gift certificate for $10, good at any store on campus.
  • And as an extra incentive, we've enclosed a decorative college bumper sticker, yours to keep whether or not you can make a donation at this time.
  • Of course we welcome contributions of any size, but if you feel particularly generous and send in a donation of $500 or more, we will give you a free season pass to the museum.
  • When you contribute to the fund, you are automatically enrolled as a member of the alumni association, and are eligible to receive all the benefits that come with membership.
  • If you make a donation of $250 or more, we will send you a pair of complimentary tickets to a performance of your choice.

Key Phrases for Step 6

  • as a token of our appreciation
  • as a small token of our gratitude
  • to show our appreciation
  • with a gift of $100 or more
  • will send you a pair of free tickets
  • send you a complimentary magazine
  • send you our monthly newsletter
  • invite you to our special recognition dinner
  • a small premium for
  • hope you'll enjoy your complimentary
  • send you a free gift
  • yours to keep
  • absolutely free
  • to show how grateful we are
  • please accept this free
  • free membership in our alumni association
  • send you a free book/calendar/personalized pen
  • donors who give at least $350 will receive
7 Close by reiterating the need for the money being raised, and restate your hope that the letter recipient will make a (generous) donation.

Sample Sentences for Step 7

  • Mr. and Mrs. Doe, I hope you feel compelled to donate to our college today. Remember, without the generous donations of people like you, we never would have gotten this far.
  • As you know, much of our funding comes from the private donations of people like yourself. Please make a contribution today.
  • Education--it really is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Make a donation today, because higher education shouldn't be beyond the reach of anyone.
  • I know you've enjoyed the benefits of being able to attend a theater here in our town, and I hope you'll help us to continue offering that opportunity to future generations.
  • We want to thank you for your past support of this university, and we hope you will continue to give for many years to come.
  • We live in a world that is constantly changing, and the technology must change with it. Help us to offer the best education we can to our programming students by giving them the cutting-edge tools that are so necessary in their field.
  • Remember, your tax-deductible donation will allow us to expand our current facilities to meet the needs of an ever-growing number of students.

Key Phrases for Step 7

  • never know how much good
  • provide a wonderful opportunity
  • make a difference in the life of
  • allow us to
  • finally be able to
  • make it possible for
  • gift of a good education
  • priceless gift
  • please take a moment to
  • hope that you will
  • counting on you to
  • can't do it without you
  • know you will give hope to
  • even better than
  • show your support
  • pledge now to
  • decide now to
  • send your check today
  • send your donation today
  • don't wait
  • money raised will be used to
  • donations will go directly to
  • remember, all donations
  • every donation makes a difference
  • no donation is too small or too big
  • hope you will make a generous donation

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