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Sample Letter #1


For ten years already, The Young Companions have been providing numerous forms of assistance to the elderly residents of our town. Some seniors need help with bills and correspondence. Other individuals yearn for a friendly and familiar face. Still other individuals suffer from failing vision and simply enjoy listening to a novel read aloud. Of course, many seniors still desire to get out and about but can't manage most excursions on their own. The members of The Young Companions understand and address these and many other needs.

To top it all off, these services are provided voluntarily through the compassion and goodwill of our members. However, the group administration has always been committed to covering the expenses our members must pay to get from their homes to the seniors' places of residence. Some members take public transportation. Other members drive their own cars. In all cases, the administration desires to cover the cost of travel.

Although these costs are not much, given the nonprofit status of The Young Companions, we depend on donations to provide compensation to our members. We are writing today, therefore, to ask for your support of our cause and of the wonderful commitment of our young members. We have enclosed a donation form and a prepaid envelope. Please take moment to consider supporting the valuable services provided by these young, committed individuals.

The Young Companions greatly appreciates your understanding and support.

Sample Letter #2


You may have heard of Springfield Rocks! If you have, chances are you heard praise for this outstanding group of teenagers.

The leaders and members of Springfield Rocks know that teenagers can be a force for good in their communities. They also know that teenagers who are busy helping other people don't have time to get into trouble. It's a winning formula.

In the past year, the kids of Springfield Rocks have cleaned up the city park, planted tulips at the Elder Care Center, and prepared emergency kits for every elementary school classroom in the city. Now they're getting ambitious and want to improve West Park by building a children's playground and a skateboard park.

They have the approval of the City Council, and there are adult volunteers and contractors ready to help. They also have the plans and the permits, so all they need now is the funding.

Are you willing to help with this? Please give $20, $35, or whatever you can afford, to make this dream a reality. We have enclosed an envelope for your convenience.

You will be helping to make West Park an exciting, fun place for the youngsters of Springfield. Even more than this, you will be helping the teenagers of Springfield Rocks become strong leaders and exemplary citizens.

Questions? Suggestions? Please call Jane Doe at 555-5555.

Thank you so much for your help.

Sample Letter #3


During the past 57 years, the Accelerate boys club has made it their mission to serve the communities throughout this country by helping young men develop important lifelong skills, including leadership, teamwork, integrity, citizenship, service, and self-reliance.

We believe that the success of our youth is vital to our future. That's why we put such a high value on the young men in our community. By serving others and participating in worthwhile, uplifting activities, they are gaining important knowledge and building strong characters. Because of this, they have the ability to do a great amount of good in our society.

At this time, we are holding our annual fund drive to raise money for the Accelerate program. By holding this fundraiser each year, we hope this program will be able to continue for years to come. I hope you will show your support to the program and to the young men who take part in it by making a generous donation to Accelerate. To do so, simply fill out the attached form, indicate the amount of your 100 percent tax-deductible donation, and then mail it in the enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope.

It is through the support of people like you, Ms. Doe, that the Accelerate program is able to succeed. Please make a donation today, and help make a difference in the lives of the young men in our community.

Sample Letter #4


For more than 40 years, the Youth Club of America has been building strong young men and women for a better tomorrow. We focus on teaching boys and girls ages 14-18 a variety of important skills to help them achieve success and to be competent, responsible leaders for future generations.

One of the primary ways we strive to build character in our youth is to give them opportunities to serve in the community. And this June, the 17- and 18-year-old youth from our local chapter have a very special privilege: they have been offered the opportunity to participate in a 10-day ecoservice project in Bolivia. (Specific details about the project omitted.)

In order to participate in this rare opportunity, each young person must pay $1500, which will cover the cost of food, travel, lodging, and all other expenses. In order to raise money to help pay for the trip, we will be holding a number of fundraising projects over the next couple of months. Our first fund drive, an "eco bike-a-thon," will be held two weeks from Saturday. (See the enclosed flier for more details.) As you can read from the flier, those who wish to participate in the bike-a-thon can do so by paying the $100 registration fee, 100 percent of which will go toward our objective of raising $34,500--the cost needed to send our 23 youth to South America.

I hope you will come and support our youth group by participating in the eco bike-a-thon on the 17th. We look forward to seeing you there!

P.S. If you cannot participate in the bike-a-thon, your financial contribution is still very welcome. Simply send your check to the address given above.

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