School or Scholastic Clubs

Letter #1


Our Springfield High Show Choir has the opportunity to represent our state at the National Choir Festival next month. This is a great honor, and the students are very excited. They have been working hard to earn enough money to finance the trip.

You are invited to our final fundraiser--dinner and a concert! We will be serving a spaghetti dinner at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 12, in the commons. The choir will perform the same program they have prepared for the festival.

Tickets cost $10 each in advance, up until 3 p.m. on Tuesday, March 11, and $13 after that at the door. If you send your check made out to Springfield High Choir to the main office by the deadline, we will hold your tickets for you. Questions? Call Mrs. Doe at 555-5555, ext 555.

We would appreciate your participation. This promises to be a great evening, and you will be supporting a good cause.

Letter #2


You already know how remarkable the students at (the University) are. We'd like to tell you about one of them--(Student).

(Student), from (Pacific Island) was able to come here because of donations from alumni and friends like you. This spring she graduated from the University with a bachelor's degree in elementary education, having completed her student teaching in (Home Town), where she will continue to teach tomorrow's generation of (fellow citizens).

(Student) recently sent us an e-mail to say how grateful she is for people like you who made her education possible. She told of her life-changing experience at (the University), and she shared her plans for the future. Here is some of what she wrote:

"I chose to attend (this University) to earn a bachelor's degree and to strengthen my faith. I am so grateful for the opportunity those who donate gave me.

"I treasure the people I associated with there because they taught me to love others, no matter who they are. I liked working, meeting, and talking with people of different tongues; in fact, I feel like I've already traveled around the world.

"Because of (this University), I am a better person than I used to be. I want to share my talents and touch for good the lives of young people.

"Thank You."

With her gratitude, humility, and direction, she is truly another (University) success story. Thank you for your ongoing support of our students. You make a remarkable difference.

There is no Place like (University)

Did you know that (this University) is the most internationally diverse campus per capita in the United States? Our students come to us from more than 70 nations--from the isles of the Pacific, from Asia, from North and South America, and from Europe. They come from varied, mostly humble, backgrounds. They come to (this University) seeking educations and opportunities for better lives. They find all of that in our unique atmosphere of faith and love.

100 Percent Benefits Students

On campus we have many students like (Student): eager to learn and grateful for the opportunity to do so. You can help them by making a donation today. We invite you to make a generous gift to (this University). You can send a check, donate with a credit card, or initiate monthly bank withdrawals. Simply complete and return the enclosed card or, if you prefer, donate online at www.(university).edu/.

Whatever you give, 100 percent of your generosity will bless our students.

Thank You for your consideration and continued support.

P.S. Because the need is ongoing, we ask alumni and friends like you for financial support at least once per year. Your gifts change lives forever. For giving opportunities and instructions, see the enclosed reply card.

Please respond before (date).

Letter #3


It's been years since the law school first opened its doors in (year), and every fall we celebrate this anniversary and our tradition of excellence at the Founders Day Dinner. The school's accomplishments and outstanding reputation are due in part to the wonderful lives and great generosity of alumni and friends like you. Your support has allowed the Law School to advance at an accelerated pace. We invite you to join us this year by helping the Law School through the Annual Fund Drive.

As you may have learned through a recent email from your class representative, the Law Library is on the brink of acquiring its 500,000th volume, which is a major milestone for research libraries. We want to celebrate this significant achievement by acquiring a prestigious 30,000 volume human rights collection by year-end. This collection will also help (Professor) and the (University) International Center for Law and Religion Studies, which is impacting world views on church/state issues.

To accomplish this goal, we need your help.

When you give to the (name of law school) Annual Fund, (Dean) will apply your gift to the school's greatest needs.

Right now his highest priority is to help the law library reach this milestone.

If you have already contributed to the Annual Fund drive, thank you. If not, please join us and help the law library by making a gift. Return your gift with the enclosed reply card or visit law.(university).edu/giving to give online. Either way, we will be grateful for your contribution to this great cause.

P.S. Annual Fund gifts between $25 and $5,000 will be matched. And don't forget to visit lawgiving.(university).edu to view a two minute movie that reflects our graduates' commitment and gratitude.

Letter #4


We invite you to join us.

Last year, thanks to generous employee support, more than 100 students received scholarships and mentored learning grants from the Annual Fund. These scholarships allowed qualified students to continue their education. The mentorships made it possible for undergraduates to have a graduate-level experience by working with faculty members on a professional project. In many cases, these mentored learning experiences gave the participants a clear advantage when they applied for graduate schools or corporate positions.

These students are exceedingly grateful. We know that because each week the Annual Fund office receives letters. We wish you could read them. Each letter expresses deeply felt gratitude and tells of a wonderful young man or woman who couldn't possibly fulfill their educational dreams without financial help--that which comes from employees like you.

We invite you to join us in giving joy to more students this year. (The President's Leadership Council will again match Annual Fund gifts between $25 and $5000.) Choose to give to the Annual Fund by completing the enclosed card and mailing it in the response envelope. Or you can make your gift online at www.(university).edu/employeegiving.

Letter #5


The generosity of alumni and friends like you is accelerating the mission and promise of (University). This is a special place and you are a special part of it. You are a part of our history, and you are a part of our future.

Students are still the heart of everything we do

This year we are celebrating fifty years of higher education in (town), and as we consider the now-worldwide influence of our alumni, the words spoken by (President) on February 12, (Date), ring with increased prophetic clarity. The fulfillment of his far-reaching vision is found in the lives of our students and alumni.

Give $50 to celebrate 50 years

In recognition of (University)'s jubilee, we are inviting all of our alumni and friends to consider contributing $50 to the university this year. To bless the lives of today's and tomorrow's students and to keep (President)'s vision alive, we are establishing the (President) Legacy Scholarship and Work-Study Internship funds and are asking for your generous support. Our goal is to make 20 new scholarships and internships available through these funds in 2019. For more information visit (university).edu or see the enclosed reply card for details on how to make a gift.

(Student)'s story

As you know, students come to (University) from a variety of circumstances and family situations, from both developed and developing countries, and with hopes and dreams as immense as their backgrounds are diverse.

Thanks to donors, (Student), a current (University) student from (Home Country), has studied and worked here as a recipient of a Scholarship.

"I wouldn't have come if it wasn't for the work-study opportunity; I wouldn't have been able to. Tuition would have put me and my family in debt up to our ears. Now I can go home and help them immediately. I have a younger brother and sister, and now I can be there for them," said (Student). "I am truly grateful."

Students who receive assistance commit to pay a portion of their tuition, work part-time at (University), keep their grades up, and return to their home area after their studies are completed, all in exchange for needed financial assistance. Amber has worked first as a tour guide and now as an assistant in the human resource department. She says it has been a blessing.

"When I first got here," she recently told us, "I didn't really understand about this place, but having students from 20 countries in one classroom and meeting people from all over the world, I have gained a conviction of the excellence of (University)."

This summer Amber will finish her course work in music education and return home to student teach at the (University). A teaching certificate and a (University) diploma will follow.

Generosity begets gratitude

There are many stories like (Student)'s, each unique, but each a testimony that generosity like yours begets gratitude. And because of you, the spirit of Aloha persists at (University). Generous alumni and friends are helping us bless more students more quickly. The students are grateful. We are grateful. And the (University) Board of Trustees, chaired by (President), has expressed its appreciation to those who contribute.

Fifty years ago (President) put forward the promise of this university, and because of alumni and friends like you, the promise will continue; students blessed by (University) will continue to strengthen families and communities for generations to come.

During this time of jubilee, we invite you to make a generous gift to (University). Please consider giving $50 to celebrate 50 years, depending on your circumstances.

Whatever you give, 100 percent of your generosity will bless students. To donate, complete and return the enclosed card, or if you prefer, donate online at jubilee.(university).edu.

Thank you for all you do to support (University).

P.S. The sooner you respond the sooner students will be helped.

Please reply before (date).

Letter #6


As you know, our school is home to numerous extracurricular cultural and scholastic clubs. One of these, the Young Scientists Club, was recognized last year through participation in statewide competitions and exhibitions, for having some of the most innovative scientific minds within the secondary school system of our state. It is on behalf of these gifted minds that we are writing today.

This coming summer, there will be a nation-wide science conference in Washington DC The conference will exhibit the projects and ideas of high school-age scientists from around the country. In addition, the conference will expose students to the many possibilities for further scientific study following their high school education.

We know you will agree that our talented students deserve to participate in this unique opportunity. However, to gain access to the conference, the Young Scientists Club must pay a group registration fee of (Amount). Although the funds have already been raised to pay for each member's travel and lodging expenses, we still need the funds for this registration fee.

With this letter, we are sending our hope that you will consider contributing a financial donation to enable our gifted members to attend the conference. Because the registration period ends on (Date), we would greatly appreciate your response before (Date).

The Young Scientists Club of (Name of School) thanks you in advance for your support.

Letter #7


For more than a dozen years, your children were models of exemplary behavior and scholastic achievement at our school. The faculty here, and I as principal, truly appreciated their happy countenances and sharp minds. They are exactly the kind of students we want at Springfield Elementary.

We want to see this hunger for learning and this desire to succeed in more students, and that is why we have decided that the time has come to expand our school. We plan to build a large addition on the west side of the building, and to add 10 more classrooms. This will allow us to accommodate 150 more students and give them the educational advantage that more than 5,000 students have already received in the last 18 years.

In order to build the addition, we must raise close to $500,000 in the next two years. Will you help us to reach our goal by making a generous tax-deductible donation of $250 to the school? We have set up a special fund specifically for the addition, and all money donated will be deposited directly into the fund. If you could send your check or money order to the address below by Tuesday, March 12, we would appreciate it.

Again, Ms. Doe, we truly enjoyed having your children at our school. I hope you will help us make it possible to allow even more children that same fine educational experience by making your donation to our charter school today.

Letter #8


This June, our high school Spanish Club has the opportunity to go on a 14-day tour of Spain, during which they will be able to experience firsthand the culture--the food, dress, architecture, art, entertainment, lifestyle, and of course language--of the Spanish people. The cost for each student to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience is $2,500, which will include all food, lodging, and transportation expenses. Because the cost of the trip is more than many of the students' families can pay on their own, we will be holding a fundraiser to help those that need it to earn the necessary funds to help pay for their trips.

Every Saturday next month, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., we will be holding a car wash in the high school parking lot. We invite you to come and support our Spanish Club by participating in the car wash, and we encourage you to invite your friends, family, and neighbors to come and join us as well in this worthwhile cause. And, as an added incentive, all those who take part in this fund drive will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win a $199 Char 'N Broil Grill, courtesy of Jansen Sports.

I hope you will take the opportunity to come out and support our Spanish Club. We look forward to seeing you every Saturday next month.

P.S. If you are not able to come to the car wash, but are still interested in making a donation, you can mail a check or money order to the school, in care of the Spanish Club. Simply indicate "Spanish Club Trip to Spain" in the "Memo" line.

How to Write this Fundraising Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Generally write this letter to parents of the students at the school, as well as to others who live in the neighborhood or community where the school is located.


  1. Tell what the money raised will be used for, and emphasize how important the funds are to the particular school or club.
  2. If you are holding a fundraising event, explain the fundraising activity, and include necessary information about the fundraiser, such as how the money will be raised, what the parents or students need to do to participate, etc.
  3. Indicate how much money you are hoping to raise.
  4. Include and emphasize important dates.
  5. If children are to take part in a fundraising activity, remind parents that door-to-door sales should be discouraged. (If door-to-door selling is going to occur, parents should always accompany their children.)
  6. Thank the parents and students for their past support, and express your hope that this fundraiser will be a great success.

Write Your fundraising in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Tell what the money raised will be used for, and emphasize how important the funds are to the particular school or club.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • great need for
  • plan to build more classrooms
  • will be used to renovate the gym
  • additional funds to help various clubs
  • desperately under funded
  • able to purchase more
  • be able to buy new uniforms for
  • money raised will allow us to expand our
  • without additional funds
  • will not be able to continue
  • can't let this important
  • a special recognition dinner for the
  • will make it possible for
  • don't want this program to
  • can't do it without your help
  • only way that we can
  • members of the soccer team
  • to allow the debate club
  • fund a trip to
  • allow students to participate in
  • proceeds will be used to
  • money will be used to send
  • national championship
  • We all know how hard our basketball team has worked this year, and so we are working to raise money for a special recognition dinner on their behalf.
  • For years we have known that the gym floor would soon need to be replaced. Well, that day has come.
  • Because of limited funding, the school does not have the means to provide equipment or uniforms, and so we are working together to raise the money for these items.
  • This year, we would like to greatly expand our current school library. But to do it, we need your help.
  • In discussing what our goals should be this year, we determined that we would like to raise money to purchase 30 computers to be used by our technology, business, and young entrepreneur clubs.
  • To do this, we would like to work together to raise money for a number of clubs that are currently under funded.
  • Therefore, we have decided to set up a special fund to allow those students to participate in extracurricular activities who would not otherwise be able to do so because of financial constraints.
  • As you may be aware, a couple of years ago we formed a new club on campus--a chess club. And this year, we have been invited to participate in the national competition.
2 If you are holding a fundraising event, explain the fundraising activity, and include necessary information about the fundraiser, such as how the money will be raised, what the parents or students need to do to participate, etc.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • will be holding a fundraising auction
  • will be selling
  • raise money with
  • invite community members to attend
  • a night of special entertainment
  • proceeds from the tickets sold
  • asking that each student
  • asking parents to participate by
  • hope that your child may
  • contribute by
  • doing a car wash
  • take part in the fundraiser by
  • asking students to
  • all parents are invited to
  • special performance by the
  • selling tickets to
  • hope that parents will get involved by
  • show your support of the school
  • support from local businesses
  • hold a fair/carnival
  • In order to raise the money needed, we will be holding a car wash every Saturday next month.
  • To do this, we plan to put on a special theatrical performance, and all proceeds will go to purchasing additional props, sets, and costumes.
  • We will raise the money by holding a fundraising auction on Friday, March 30, at 6 p.m.
  • To accomplish this, we are asking parents that are able to participate in a telethon to raise the necessary funds.
  • So we are planning to hold a craft fair, and we are asking that all students and parents who would like to participate do so by donating to or purchasing items from the fair (or both!).
  • On May 6, we will be holding a fundraising dinner, complete with live band, dancing, and, of course, fabulous food!
  • We will be holding our annual fundraiser next month, and we hope that all students (and their parents) will be involved.
  • To help make our fundraiser a success, we have asked for the support of various local businesses.
3 Indicate how much money you are hoping to raise.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • would like to raise
  • hoping to raise
  • more than $5,000
  • at least $10,000
  • need to bring in
  • planning to raise over $1,000
  • set a goal of
  • hope to reach our goal of
  • want to double the amount
  • matching donations up to $100,000
  • hoping to bring in
  • increase the amount
  • surpass last year's donations by
  • want to raise at least $20,000
  • We need to raise $5,000 to purchase the necessary equipment and uniforms.
  • We are hoping to raise at least $10,000 to redo the roof.
  • This year, we would like to raise even more money, and so we have set a goal of $15,000.
  • To purchase the new computers for the Technology Club, we will need to raise about $20,000.
  • I hope we can raise at least $2,500 to meet this need.
  • Accordingly, we have set a goal to raise at least $5,000 by the end of next month.
  • So that every student involved may participate, we need to raise $18,000 by May 1.
  • Though we have received donations from a number of generous patrons, we still need to raise an additional $50,000 by the end of the school year.
4 Include and emphasize important dates.

Key Phrases for Step 4

  • remember that on March 14
  • money must be returned by
  • please deliver all merchandise by
  • will be holding an important meeting
  • donations must be received by
  • will begin on November 15
  • held the night of September 23
  • mark your calendars
  • at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 12
  • beginning at 9 a.m.
  • will begin at 6 p.m. sharp
  • last day of the fundraiser will be
  • will begin next Monday, October 3
  • please RSVP by
  • no later than
  • last day to
  • all next week
  • this upcoming Saturday
  • all-day event
  • a reminder that on June 3
  • The fundraiser will be held the night of October 15 at 7 p.m., so be sure to mark your calendars.
  • If you will be able to attend the dinner, please RSVP no later than this Friday, September 30.
  • We will begin our annual fundraiser next Monday, March 20.
  • The merchandise purchased during the fundraiser will need to be delivered to the buyers no later than Saturday, November 5.
  • Remember, we will be holding the car wash every afternoon next week.
  • We will be holding a meeting to organize our efforts and divide responsibilities next Wednesday, April 7, at 4 p.m.
  • The fair will be an all-day event, so come ready to have some fun!
  • The 5K walk/jog will begin promptly at 7 a.m.
5 If children are to take part in a fundraising activity, remind parents that door-to-door sales should be discouraged. (If door-to-door selling is going to occur, parents should always accompany their children.)

Key Phrases for Step 5

  • just wanted to remind
  • please remember that
  • strongly discourage door-to-door sales
  • ask that you not do door-to-door
  • generally discourage selling door to door
  • unless accompanied by an adult
  • only to family and friends
  • money should be solicited from
  • best if students do not
  • only with adult supervision
  • parents should always accompany
  • Remember, no door-to-door selling is allowed.
  • We highly discourage selling door to door, but if you decide that this is an effective means of fundraising in your neighborhood, always accompany your child(ren), and always finish before dark.
  • Finally, I just want to remind everyone that door-to-door soliciting is strictly prohibited.
  • Please keep your fundraising limited to family, friends, and close neighbors. Do not go door to door.
6 Thank the parents and students for their past support, and express your hope that this fundraiser will be a great success.

Key Phrases for Step 6

  • thank you for your willingness to
  • hope that you will be able to
  • taking part in a worthwhile
  • very much appreciate the
  • grateful to the students
  • want to thank parents and students alike
  • wish to thank the parents, and their children, for
  • thank all the families that participated
  • thank each person
  • grateful to all of you
  • looking forward to
  • certain that the fundraiser
  • know that the fundraiser will be a success
  • sure that we will be able to succeed
  • hope that you can participate
  • express our appreciation
  • wouldn't be able to succeed without
  • express our heartfelt gratitude
  • thankful for all of the help
  • want to let you know that
  • wish to express to you
  • I want to thank all of you parents for your continued support of our school. I hope this year's fundraiser will be even more successful than last year.
  • Thank you, again, for all that you do to support this school. We hope you will help us to make this fundraiser the best ever.
  • We are truly grateful to you students for helping us raise money for this important cause. We know that if we all work together we will reach this important goal.
  • May I express to parents and students alike how proud I am of our school? I hope we will be able to reach our goal and make the school even better.
  • We want to express our appreciation to all of you. This school would never be a success without you.
  • By taking part in this school fundraiser, you are supporting a very worthwhile cause. We thank you for that!
  • In closing, I just want to thank you for your past support in helping us raise money for the students. I hope this year's fundraiser will be even better!
  • Please accept our heartfelt thanks. We know that with our combined efforts, we will reach our goal.

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