Ask For a High-dollar Donation

Sample Letter #1


Over the past years, your foundation has significantly contributed to the financial health of our organization and to the continued successful operation of the services we provide. We see daily the positive effects of such services, and we want you to know that your contributions have directly assisted the hungry and homeless of our city, relieving much suffering and furthering a good cause.

The major project for the coming year is to construct a new shelter and food kitchen for the homeless and hungry population in (Name of Neighborhood) neighborhood. Through our recent fundraising campaign, we have raised just about half of the funds required to successfully complete the project. Considering the past support and generosity of your foundation, we are writing today, therefore, to ask for a special show of commitment to help us meet our financial goals.

The enclosed brochure details varying levels of support, all of which would greatly assist our plans. Please consider making a donation at the highest level possible for your foundation.

Again, we deeply appreciate your continued vision and support.

Sample Letter #2


Your generous donations have made such a difference in the lives of little children who have been stricken with cancer. They might not know your names, but we who do also know that many of our patients can run around in the sunshine now, happy and carefree, because of you.

Now, as cancer research has progressed, we have the opportunity to introduce an exciting and newly proven treatment that promises to save even more of these young lives. In order for us to get this treatment up and running this year, we are hoping that you would consider providing us with $10,000. If you could, we would need half of it as soon as possible and the remainder by the end of November.

If you are able to meet this need, we know that you will find your greatest reward in the knowledge that you have blessed countless young lives, but we would like to give you something else as well. We would like these little patients to know your name! In recognition of your generosity, would you give us permission to name the new treatment room after you?

We thank you once again for all you have done in the past, and appreciate your consideration of this new request.

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