Ask For Regular Monthly Donations

Sample Letter #1


Your donation to last year's fundraising drive greatly contributed to our ability to support the essential programs that we provide for the homeless and hungry of our city. We thank you. As you know, each dollar donated to (Name of Organization) goes directly into services and resources for our target population. The funds earned through last year's drive helped to support the many good programs in operation. However, with this new year, we are once again looking to our supporters for further commitment to our cause.

We are writing today, therefore, to ask you to consider joining the group of our most devoted supporters by signing up to make a monthly donation of (Amount) throughout the next year. With this donation, you would become an official member of (Name of Organization), and thus you would receive our monthly newsletter and invitations to special events and gatherings. If the above amount is not possible, however, we would of course warmly welcome any monthly donation at the level of your choosing.

We greatly appreciate your support, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Sample Letter #2


Your love of animals shines through the kind support you have given us these past few years, and we are very grateful. We are sure that if they could understand, the unwanted pets whose lives you have saved would want to thank you too. Many of them are now in happy homes because of your generosity.

Anyone who has ever prepared a household budget knows how valuable it is to be able to rely on a regular monthly income, and that is why we are turning to you now. Would it be possible for you to make a small donation every month to keep our shelter going? We would appreciate $10 or $15 per month, but whatever you can afford would be helpful. What is important is that we could count on your donation. Our cats and dogs and other animals need to be cared for every day of the year. With regular monthly donors, we will never have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

There are several convenient ways to set up your monthly contribution and to change the amount or cancel it in the future if need be, all of which are detailed on the enclosed form. If you are not able to donate to us monthly at this time, please be assured that whatever support you can offer us is very much appreciated.

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