Advertise Your Products For a Fundraising Event or Campaign • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


These letters are geared toward organizations that do fundraisers to bring in money by selling products such as chocolates, candies, pizza, electronics, and so forth. Let readers know how your products will help their fundraisers be successful.

How to write this fundraising letter:

  1. Give a little background on your company, and tell about the product(s) you have to offer.
  2. Describe the benefits of the product(s).
  3. If possible, include information about the product's track record--how well it has sold (how much money it has brought in), to what kind of clientele, in what locales, etc.
  4. Include a catalog, pamphlet, or brochure, Web address, etc., that gives information about your products, pricing, and so forth.
  5. Indicate the best method for the person to contact you or to place an order-e-mail, over the phone, on the Web, etc.

Example Letter #1


We are writing today for two reasons. First, in case you don't already know about us, we would like to introduce ourselves. (Name of Store) is the best footwear store in the neighborhood, providing top-notch sport and casual footwear at reasonable prices. We encourage you to visit us and see for yourself the range and quality of our offerings.

We would also like to bring to your attention our participation in this year's fundraising drive for (Name of Organization). Providing tireless and compassionate services to the homeless and hungry, (Name of Organization) is one of the most important public service institutions in our area. To assist with this year's campaign to earn funds for the construction of a new shelter and food kitchen, (Name of Store) has agreed to donate 10 percent of every sale from now until (Date). We are proud to join (Name of Organization) in the fight against homelessness and hunger, and we hope you will visit us soon and take the opportunity to contribute to a good cause, as well as take home a great pair of shoes.

Our hours of operation are:

We look forward to seeing you.

Example Letter #2


May we introduce our company of everyday people? They are offering you fundraising products that everyday people use at prices that everyday people are willing to pay.

Our range of personal care products are necessities and are priced liked necessities, but they look, smell, and feel like luxuries, because they are made with care by people who care. We offer everything in trial sizes, so that your customers can try our products with almost no risk and then order with confidence.

Although our company is still fairly new, we are proud to say that almost every organization that has used our fundraising program has indicated that they intend to work with us again.

The enclosed brochure gives detailed information about our products and prices, as well as our four most popular fundraising programs. For more information, you are welcome to call 1-800-555-5555 or visit our web site.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Give a little background on your company, and tell about the product(s) you have to offer.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • We have been in business for more than twenty years helping organizations just like yours to raise the money you need.
  • Our specialty is making your fundraising event a success.
  • As you can see from our enclosed catalog, we have a wide variety of products to choose from.
  • We specialize in brand-name pizzas that we sell to you at a fraction of the retail price.
  • In addition, we also sell gourmet chocolates and other confections.
  • At Fundraising for You, you won't find your run-of-the-mill chocolates and nuts. But you will find a line of unique products affordably priced and perfect for any clientele.
  • We have more than 200 items to choose from, from jewelry to electronics to sporting equipment.
  • If you like quality products at bargain prices, you'll love our line of popular fundraising items.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • for more than twenty years
  • over the last fifty years
  • we have been producing quality
  • one of the most popular
  • packages particularly catered to
  • we first began selling
  • we make products perfect for
  • sell chocolates, lollipops, cookies
  • gourmet nuts and chocolates
  • premium pizza and other food items
  • jewelry and perfume
  • stickers, stuffed animals, toys, and much more
  • we've done the research, and we know
  • made it our business to provide
  • offer quality products at affordable
  • a wide variety of confections
  • more than 200 to choose from
  • broad range of
  • products perfect to use as sale items or for premiums

2 Describe the benefits of the product(s).

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • Most important, we sell high-quality, long-lasting products that will benefit your buyers for years.
  • I'm confident that no one out there sells quite the variety and type of products that we sell.
  • But even better is that our products are also very affordable!
  • You won't beat our prices anywhere-guaranteed!
  • We guarantee that your fundraiser will be a success with our quality, affordable items, or we'll give you your money back.
  • With Zucker's, you know you're dealing with the finest nuts and chocolates around.
  • We offer not only products to sell but everything else you need to raise money for your school or youth group.
  • I know they'll love the unique assortment of products we offer.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • guarantee you'll have a successful fundraiser
  • pass the profit to your nonprofit
  • sell only the best
  • pride ourselves on the high quality
  • sturdy, durable items that
  • products worthy of your cause
  • help you to raise the money that is so
  • allow you to raise the funds
  • specialize in helping nonprofits
  • want you to succeed
  • promise you'll love the products-and the price
  • everything you need to raise
  • your donors will thoroughly enjoy
  • offer only the finest
  • guarantee you'll be satisfied
  • very affordable products
  • full money-back guarantee
  • know they'll love
  • perfect way to
  • back every product we sell
  • offer a unique assortment of
  • will thoroughly enjoy the

3 If possible, include information about the product's track record--how well it has sold (how much money it has brought in), to what kind of clientele, in what locales, etc.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • Our quality chocolates and other confections have proven to be a hit with all ages. In fact, the average money raised per participant is over $500.
  • Our particular brand of high-quality pizza has consistently brought in more money than any other item we're aware of.
  • We cater to customers in all fifty states, and, on average, we help fundraising groups to bring in more than $250,000 per year.
  • Our competitors simply can't match the products (and the prices!) we offer, and that's why we've been number one in this area for more than ten years.
  • The wide variety of electronics we offer are particularly popular with teenagers and young adults, though they of course appeal to people of all ages.
  • In fact, one local school told us that with our products, it was able to more than double the overall amount of money it raised last year.
  • Over the years we've built our line of products and our name, and now we sell our products in more than 30 states.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • perfect for children of all ages
  • our products have a proven track record
  • very popular with the
  • have been very happy with our
  • able to more than double their donations
  • able to bring in as much as
  • brought in more than
  • consistently brings in more than
  • perfect for customers of all ages
  • have been very popular in the area
  • we've expanded to more than twenty states
  • the state's number-one
  • first choice among elementary schools
  • within our community we've seen
  • we've sold to people in all fifty states
  • promise you'll increase the amount
  • we've sold to organizations in all parts of the country
  • big success in the tri-city area
  • products have been very successful
  • can't beat the price of
  • competitors can't match
  • very popular with teenagers and young adults

4 Include a catalog, pamphlet, or brochure, Web address, etc., that gives information about your products, pricing, and so forth.

Sample Sentences for Step 4
  • We have included our latest catalog, which lists all of the products we currently offer, complete with photos, descriptions, and pricing.
  • For more information and to see a complete listing of our products and prices, please visit our Web site at
  • Included in this packet is a current listing of all of our products and prices.
  • Please refer to our enclosed brochure for a complete listing of all our current products.
  • As you can see from our enclosed catalog, we truly do offer the widest variety of products available.
  • All of our prices, as well as more detailed descriptions of the products we sell, can be found on our Web site.
  • If you are interested, we would be happy to send you our most recent catalog.
  • I've highlighted our most popular items, as well as our current sale items, for your convenience.
Sample Phrases for Step 4
  • as you'll see from our enclosed pamphlet
  • the brochure we've included shows
  • if you would like one of our free
  • will gladly send you a complimentary
  • see the range of prices for our items
  • review our magazine to see
  • our catalog displays all of the
  • see from the pages of our catalog
  • catalog includes the prices on all
  • colorful brochure shows the
  • happy to send to you our quarterly catalog
  • included our current list of inventory
  • have marked items of particular interest
  • highlighted our current sale items
  • with our most up-to-date
  • enclosed you will find
  • call and order your free
  • please visit our Web site to see
  • our Web site includes a current list of
  • visit our home page for great
  • all of our prices can be found on our Web site
  • for more information, please visit our Web site

5 Indicate the best method for the person to contact you or to place an order-e-mail, over the phone, on the Web, etc.

Sample Sentences for Step 5
  • If you would like more information or to place an order, simply call us at 555-5555, 9 to 5 EST.
  • To make an order, please visit our Web site.
  • You may place an order by phone, e-mail, mail, or by visiting us on the Web.
  • We accept all major credit cards, or you can send a check or money order through the mail.
  • When making your order, please make checks payable to: Doe Wholesale Items.
  • To order, simply fill out the enclosed order form, and include your credit card information or a check for the appropriate amount.
  • Our contact information is included below. If you have any questions or would like to reach us to place an order.
  • For fastest delivery, please use our secure online ordering system.
Sample Phrases for Step 5
  • please call with any questions or to place an order
  • to place an order or to get more information
  • can reach us by phone
  • e-mail us at
  • Can be reached 9-5, PST
  • call today to make an order
  • make an electronic order
  • visit our web site to make an order
  • accept all major credit cards
  • can accept cash and checks
  • please make checks payable to
  • return your completed order form
  • send a check with your completed form
  • for more information or to contact us
  • place your order today by
  • call or e-mail our sales department
  • can order 24 hours a day
  • order securely online
  • place an order by

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