Invite Someone to Participate In a Fundraising Campaign

Letter #1


As a long-time resident of (Name of City), you understand and value the unique comforts and attractions offered by our wonderful city. Your involvement in the community and your past donations to various campaigns for improvements to cultural and physical infrastructure demonstrate the rare degree of your commitment.

Considering your understanding of the need for public support of city improvements and projects, we are writing today to ask for your help in developing and pursuing this year's campaign to raise funds to renovate the park and playground in our town center.

We would like to invite you to a planning session specifically designed to enable committed, long-time residents like you to offer ideas and insights. We are certain that you could contribute valuable suggestions as we define our approach and techniques, and so we hope you will join us on (Date) at (Time) in (Place) for a lively and constructive session.

We appreciate your support and look forward to your participation. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call; my personal contact information is listed above.

Letter #2


In order to raise money to provide swimming lessons for all the children of Springfield, we would like to hold a fall Walk-a-Thon fundraiser.

We plan to hold the walk on the morning of Saturday, September 30, well after the children have gone back to school. This will facilitate publicity, as well as giving us an excellent chance of having good weather. The route has yet to be confirmed, but we plan to start--and possibly end--at Springfield Elementary.

With your public relations skills, as well as your interest in physical fitness, we feel that you would be the ideal person to handle publicity for the Walk-a-Thon. If you would be interested in doing this, please join us for a planning meeting at the city building on April 2 at 7 p.m.

I hope you will be able to fit this into your schedule, and I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions or if you find you will not be able to help, please call me at 555-5555.

How to Write this Fundraising Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Write this letter well in advance of the fundraising event. Be sure to emphasize the benefits that will come to those who participate in the campaign, as well as to those who will benefit from the proceeds raised.


  1. Identify the reason(s) for the fundraising campaign.
  2. Describe the benefits that will come to the individuals who participate.
  3. Explain what you want the person to do to help in the campaign.
  4. Include important dates associated with the fundraiser.
  5. If applicable, give the specific dollar amount that you hope to raise.
  6. Express your hope that the person will be able to participate in the fundraiser.

Write Your fundraising in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Identify the reason(s) for the fundraising campaign.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • In order to purchase the necessary tools and equipment, we will be holding a fundraising auction next month.
  • To meet this increased need, we are holding a special fundraiser.
  • Next month, we will be holding our annual fund drive.
  • We will be having a walkathon to raise money for the local food bank.
  • The funding for the trip will come from parents, students, and others in the community, through students' fundraising efforts.
  • To further our efforts here in the community, we would like to hold a fundraiser telethon.
  • The money for the project will come from a special charity ball.
  • At We Kare about Kids, we want to make a difference in the lives of the youth in our town.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • we hope to
  • will allow us to expand
  • give us the opportunity
  • raise money for local
  • provide much-needed equipment
  • will be holding a fundraiser to
  • wish to raise money for
  • want to make a difference in
  • money raised will be used to
  • plan to raise money in order to
  • increased funding will allow us to
  • be a great help to those
  • currently unable to meet the demands
  • meet the increased requests for
  • help us with our annual fundraiser
  • take part in our biannual fundraising dinner
  • invite to participate in our fundraising auction
2 Describe the benefits that will come to the individuals who participate.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • When you participate in the fundraiser, you'll be helping hundreds of youth toward the chance of a better life.
  • Take part in something that is truly worthwhile by giving of your time to help us raise money for the hospital.
  • When we give back to the community, we truly take part in something that is much bigger than ourselves.
  • Join with us in our annual fundraiser, and know the joy of serving others.
  • By participating in this fundraiser, you'll be helping needy children in our area.
  • And we'll be holding a special recognition dinner after the event to thank all those who are able to participate.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • you will have a part
  • bless the lives of hundreds of
  • connect with other civic-minded individuals
  • be a part of
  • play an important role
  • help in a truly worthwhile cause
  • become a member of our
  • a special recognition/appreciation dinner
  • know that you had a part in
  • joy that comes from serving
  • making a difference in the lives of
  • showing support for something that
  • taking an active part
  • accept small token of appreciation
3 Explain what you want the person to do to help in the campaign.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • Right now, we are looking for volunteers who can help us organize the fundraising campaign.
  • We will be using a direct-mail campaign, and we would like one or two volunteers to draft the letters.
  • To do this, we need volunteers who are willing to collect the items that individuals donate to the auction.
  • We are looking for help in a variety of areas, including soliciting donations for prizes, finding local businesses to contribute refreshments, and locating and reserving a suitable location and time to hold the event.
  • Most important, we need individuals who can assist us by contacting local catering businesses that can provide the food, decorations, and entertainment for the fundraising dinner.
  • We're asking for volunteers that can give 1 to 2 hours per week to help us organize and put on the event.
  • First and foremost, we need someone with strong organizational and managerial skills who can oversee our volunteers and make sure that the many details that are part of an effective fundraising event get taken care of.
  • To start, we need someone who can help us recruit additional volunteers who can help us in the campaign.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • if you could
  • would be willing to
  • we need volunteers who can
  • organize volunteers
  • ensure that donated items get delivered
  • make phone calls to those
  • develop a plan for
  • write letters asking for donations
  • collect donations from
  • oversee the
  • recruit others who can
  • organize the fundraising event
  • take charge of the
  • be a part of the
  • help in the effort to
  • give your time to help
  • only one afternoon per week
  • a couple of hours per week
  • show your support by
4 Include important dates associated with the fundraiser.

Sample Sentences for Step 4

  • To do this, we need to have all items for the auction collected and set up and ready for sale by the morning of Friday, June 24.
  • We will be having our first planning meeting on October 5 at 8 p.m., and we need as many people as can to be present for this important kickoff meeting.
  • We will be meeting every Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m. to assess progress and coordinate efforts until the day of the fundraiser.
  • We need the letters to be written and mailed no later than Wednesday, February 15.
  • In order to purchase the books and have them shipped and delivered by the beginning of the new school year, we need to have collected all donations by October 5.
  • After a donation is received, the thank-you letters need to be sent within seven days.
  • The last day to sign up to volunteer for the fundraiser is Monday, January 30.
  • Don't forget, after the fundraiser is over, we will be having a special recognition dinner on Saturday, March 1, to thank all those who helped us.

Key Phrases for Step 4

  • will need by the 13th
  • by the end of this month
  • before the end of the week
  • this Saturday we will be
  • on Monday evening we will be meeting
  • each Wednesday until the day of the fundraiser
  • every Tuesday in April
  • Thursday morning at 9 a.m. sharp
  • fundraising event will be the last
  • on the 30th of next month
  • will be meeting every second Wednesday
  • be there Tuesday evening
  • planning meeting on March 3rd
  • recognition dinner for volunteers on the 16th
  • all donations must be received by
  • auction items need to be delivered no later than
  • fundraising items should be collected by
  • money should be collected by
  • donor premiums should be mailed by the
  • deadline to receive contributions
  • meeting for all volunteers
  • last day to sign up
  • early-bird special for those
  • sooner the better
5 If applicable, give the specific dollar amount that you hope to raise.

Sample Sentences for Step 5

  • To accomplish this, we hope to raise $20,000 by the end of next month.
  • In order to buy the necessary equipment and supplies so that we may begin the project, we need to raise $5,000.
  • As you know, we want to help even more children this year, so we have set a goal to double the amount of donations we received last year.
  • Because we want to provide at least one pair of new clothing to every single child in the village, we need to raise at least $2,000 (and we hope to raise a lot more).
  • If each member will participate and raise $1,000, we will be able to send more than $300,000!
  • We want to raise even more money this year than last, so we have set an admittedly ambitious goal to raise $50,000--but we know that with help from all of you, we can do it!
  • In order to provide the relief is so desperately needed, we've committed to raise $15,000. Will you help us do it?
  • There's so much need, and not very much time. Will you help us to raise $10,000 by the end of the month?

Key Phrases for Step 5

  • want to raise at least
  • hope to raise at least $50,000
  • want to surpass our donations from last year
  • plan to raise even more
  • more than $25,000
  • at least $5,000
  • each member raise at least
  • double our donations from last time
  • lofty goal of tripling our
  • hoping to increase our
  • looking to raise even more
  • planning to more than double
  • asking that volunteers raise at least
  • want to double our efforts
  • want to bring in as much
  • looking for ways to improve the number
6 Express your hope that the person will be able to participate in the fundraiser.

Sample Sentences for Step 6

  • I hope I've adequately conveyed to you the importance of the work we hope to accomplish by raising this money.
  • If you see, as I do, the great need that exists here in our very own community, then please help us make a difference by taking part in our campaign.
  • Our nation has never seen the widespread devastation that we're trying now to overcome, so please, help us make a difference by making this event a success.
  • We're looking for hard-working, willing people to help us make this effort a success--will you be one of them?
  • There's such a great need out there that we're trying to meet, so decide today to take part in this great cause.
  • If you can participate (and I really hope you can!), please either call or e-mail me before Friday, April 3.
  • I'm truly grateful for the donations you've made in the past. Now, I hope you'll continue to show your support by helping us in this special fundraising campaign.
  • Can we count on you to take an active part in the community and help us make this fundraiser a success?

Key Phrases for Step 6

  • hope that you will be able to
  • looking forward to hearing from
  • expect to hear from you
  • want to take part in this
  • anticipate your positive response
  • show your support by
  • need people like you who can
  • take this important step to
  • take the time to
  • share your time and talents
  • make this an important
  • counting on you to
  • plan to take part
  • receive your response by
  • please call and let us know
  • please return the enclosed
  • understand how important this work
  • demonstrate your resolve by
  • give your support to our organization
  • active part in the community
  • help our schools by
  • take a stand
  • make a difference

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