Invite Readers to Participate In a Fundraising Event

Sample Letter #1


Our annual benefit dinner and member appreciation ceremony is once again quickly approaching. Just like last year, the dinner will feature the exquisite cuisine of world-famous gourmet chef (Name of Chef), a generous range of fine wines, and the rich and irresistible desserts of (Name of Restaurant/Shop). Following the dinner, through stories and presentations detailing the dramatic successes of the past year, we will honor the contributions of our invaluable members.

You are one of those invaluable members. Your support has been a significant factor in our survival and success, and so we hope you will take this opportunity to join us in celebrating the purpose and continuation of (Name of Organization). In addition to sharing our joy and sense of accomplishment, your participation in the event will also provide much needed additional financial support as we pursue the fulfillment of our yearly intentions and programs.

To reserve your place at this special occasion, please complete and return the enclosed registration materials, with your payment, before (Date). We look forward to the opportunity to celebrate with you and to honor your support.

Sample Letter #2


You are cordially invited to participate in our third annual Springfield City Auction at the city park on Saturday, June 3rd, starting at 12 noon. The bidding is bound to be fast and furious, so come early and enjoy the fun! Hot dogs and ice cream will be on sale, so bring your family and friends.

All the money raised will be used to support the Springfield Teen Center where teenagers can participate in wholesome, safe, and fun after-school and weekend activities. Since we opened the Teen Center, juvenile crime in our city is down almost 50%, so let's keep our Teen Center going!

We hope to raise $12,000 at our auction, but to do this we need your support. Please join us and be generous. If you would like to donate items for the auction, please call 555-5555 by Friday, May 27, 5 pm, and we will arrange to pick up your donation.

We look forward to seeing you at the auction. With your help, it will be a great success.

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