Send a Second-chance/reminder Letter

Sample Letter #1


Thank you once again for donating to (Name of Organization) during last year's fundraising drive. Contributions from conscientious citizens like you comprise the heart of our financial foundation, and we are deeply grateful for your compassion and vision.

We are writing today, however, to emphasize our need for your continued support. Within the last few weeks, to shed light on the current situation, we sent a document detailing both the successes and results of our programs, and the rising costs of providing such services. We have enclosed this document once again in the hope that you will review the information and feel compelled to contribute to this year's fund-raising efforts.

As you know, (Name of Organization) has been providing essential services and perspectives for the past several years--services and perspectives provided by very few other organizations in our society. We ask you, therefore, to take another moment and consider using the enclosed postage-paid envelope to contribute once again to our important cause.

Thank you very much for your foresight and understanding.

Sample Letter #2


Time is running out for us to obtain matching funds for our homeless shelter!

Springfield is a wonderful place to live. So wonderful that sometimes we can forget that not everybody has a safe place to live. But homelessness is a fact of modern life, and our homeless people need somewhere safe and warm to stay while they get back on their feet. We hope we can avoid the tragic events of last winter when four homeless people died of exposure.

If you have already responded to our appeal for funds, please accept our thanks. If not, please send your donation before the end of the month, so that we can take advantage of the generous grant from the John Doe Foundation. The foundation will multiply every dollar you donate by three. There is no better time to give than right now. Please send your tax deductible gift today!

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