Request Direct Financial Donations

Letter #1


These days, it's hard not to see the grave needs going unmet throughout our city. From increasing homelessness and unemployment to decreasing governmental programs and support, there are signs everywhere of the precariousness of our situation. At the same time, however, (Name of Organization), which was founded upon the compassionate drive to recognize and address the injustices of our society, has been fighting not only to alleviate problems but also to identify the root causes and advocate for appropriate local and national policy changes.

Pursuing this mission, however, requires a healthy financial foundation. In the end, the heart of our financial foundation is built by conscientious citizens like you, who recognize that our services are meeting real needs, and that further solutions and interventions are necessary. We are writing to you today, therefore, to ask for your personal support of our mission.

As the enclosed brochure describes, there are numerous levels of support, each level significantly contributing to our ability to further our operations. Of course, we deeply appreciate a contribution at any level, but we hope that you will consider contributing at one of the top three levels, each of which includes a membership in our organization. As a member, you will receive our monthly publication and a range of other informative services.

We thank you very much for your compassion and support.

Letter #2


Imagine being able to walk or ride a bicycle all the way from Spring Lake to Heritage Park and back again, if you so choose! Our Springfield riverside trail is almost a reality. The rights of way have been negotiated and construction can begin as soon as we have raised the necessary $2,800,000. The city council has agreed to budget an adequate amount of money for maintenance of the trail, provided that no tax dollars are used for construction.

What a wonderful gift to give to our children and grandchildren. People of all interests and ages will be able to enjoy this beautiful, tree-lined piece of countryside running through the middle of our beautiful city.

Will you donate enough to buy a paving stone? Although much of the trail will be asphalt, the part near Heritage Park will be made up of paving stones engraved with the names of their donors. At a donation of just $200, you can enjoy a paving stone engraved with your name as a lasting tribute to your generosity. Some people plan to donate enough to buy a stone for each member of their family.

Even if you cannot contribute enough to buy a stone right now, every donation, no matter how much, will be gratefully received. This is a great opportunity to help begin construction of the Springfield riverside trail.

Please fill out the enclosed form with your name and the amount you would like to contribute at this time.

How to Write this Fundraising Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

When requesting a direct financial donation, keep the focus on the benefits that can come to the reader and to the community by contributing to your cause. Make the letter interesting, and make sure to specifically ask for a monetary donation.


  1. Begin your letter with a compelling story, anecdote, statistic, question, hypothetical situation, offer of a premium (gift for contributing), etc.
  2. Describe your organization or cause.
  3. Tell specifically what the money raised will be used for.
  4. If you have a specific monetary target that you are trying to reach, include that amount.
  5. Ask for a specific monetary amount (or range of amounts).
  6. Give the deadline by which money must be sent/received (convey a sense of urgency).
  7. Illustrate what benefits (tangible or intangible) the donor will receive by contributing money to your cause.
  8. Indicate how the reader can make the financial contribution (phone, mail, online, etc.). If you expect to receive donations by mail, include with your fundraising letter a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Write Your fundraising in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Begin your letter with a compelling story, anecdote, statistic, question, hypothetical situation, offer of a premium (gift for contributing), etc.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • In 2018, a shocking 40,000 women died from breast cancer.
  • We'd like to give you, absolutely free, one of our beautiful calendars, which contains reprints of many of our most popular works of art. No strings attached.
  • Last year, with the help of so many donors like you, we were able to expand our youth program
  • Reading and writing are something that you and I take for granted. But did you know that in Haiti, less than 50 percent of the adult population can read on a typical high school level?
  • Last year, more than 300,000 acres of prime wetlands were cut down, affecting the habitat of more than 45 rare species of plants and wildlife.
  • Imagine, if you would, how different your life would be without the knowledge you have of our Lord, Jesus Christ. For millions of people in the world, such a life is their reality.
  • In our city, more than 5,000 people are currently homeless.
  • Because of the generous donations of people like you, we have been able to provide quality musical and theatrical performances for the past thirty years.
  • Johnston Tech University is dedicated to expanding our science and math departments--now all we need are the resources to do it.
  • Jessie ran the Boston Marathon last year--and she won. But Jessie is not like most other young women.
  • Sergeant Mitch Donaldson never knew how different life would be for him once he returned from active duty in the Gulf War.
  • When Charger was dropped off at our animal shelter, he was so malnourished that he could barely eat...[Additional information] Charger is only one of the many animals for which we were able to find loving homes.
  • How much is the gift of a good education worth in our society today?

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • surely you must value
  • sometimes one has to take action
  • you must be aware
  • did you know that in the U.S. alone
  • on June 3, I will be
  • for over fifty years, our organization
  • over the years you have
  • more than one hundred years
  • how would you like to
  • imagine that you were
  • we would like to give you the chance
  • we want to offer you
  • John is a special young person who
  • last year Melissa, a woman only twenty-seven years old
  • want to tell you about
  • how many times have
  • have you ever wondered what
  • want to offer you the opportunity
2 Describe your organization or cause.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • Women Fighting Hunger was founded just over ten years ago to help feed the needy in our community.
  • The Smith-Johnson Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to provide extra resources to disadvantaged children around the state.
  • Smithtown University Supporters is a group of volunteers who provide additional funding for special needs that cannot be easily met through traditional fiduciary channels.
  • The Wetlands Conservationists work year-round to educate the public about the importance of preservation of our natural resources and to reverse harmful effects on the environment.
  • Laketown Community Action is a group of local citizens dedicated to ensuring that our neighborhoods remain safe and beautiful.
  • Doe provides free screenings and other preventive medical care to thousands of individuals in third-world countries.
  • United Faith is a multi-denominational organization that sends missionaries to more than fifty countries throughout the world.
  • For more than thirty years, we have been bringing quality, wholesome entertainment to members of this community.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • represent a nonprofit organization
  • part of a not-for-profit
  • our organization works to
  • raise funds for needy children in our area
  • represent a group of volunteers for
  • give our time to help those
  • understand the need for
  • our goal is to
  • to help others
  • for more than thirty years,
  • organized a group of volunteers
  • organized a committee to help
  • have organized a
  • have made a difference in our state
  • serve the community by
  • work tirelessly to
  • redouble our efforts to
3 Tell specifically what the money raised will be used for.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • Money donated by caring citizens like you will go to purchase more than two hundred dinners for needy families for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.
  • The proceeds raised during the fundraiser auction will be used to purchase new books for our public library.
  • Our local animal shelter is dismally under funded, and the money you donate will enable us to continue the services we provide for abandoned and abused animals in our area.
  • The money raised will be used to purchase new sets and costumes for our upcoming performances.
  • Your donations will make it possible for us to send five youth from our community to participate in the national convention in Washington DC.
  • With the money we raise from this year's annual fundraiser, we hope to expand our music and arts programs to give every student the opportunity to participate.
  • We will be raising money to purchase new uniforms and equipment for our city baseball team, and we're writing to ask for your help.
  • The fundraiser will be held to provide scholarships for ten deserving students throughout the community.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • an urgent need for
  • in desperate need of medical equipment
  • have a great need for
  • receive no funding from the government
  • your donation will allow us to purchase
  • will help us to
  • 100 percent of your donation will
  • your contribution will provide
  • will make a world of difference for
  • you can indicate how you would like
  • the entire amount will go toward
  • every cent you donate will
4 If you have a specific monetary target that you are trying to reach, include that amount.

Sample Sentences for Step 4

  • We are hoping to raise $10,000 before the end of the month.
  • With the help of people like you, we plan to raise $25,000 to be donated to our local library.
  • And if you make your donation before next Friday, May 23, an anonymous donor will match your gift (up to $250).
  • Because we strongly feel that this is an important cause, we have committed to raising $100,000.
  • Will you help us meet our goal of raising $5,000?
  • To be able to purchase the much-needed equipment and supplies, we are counting on the generous contributions of our donors to raise an additional $15,000.
  • This year, we would like to raise even more money--$40,000--to help those in need in our area.
  • Can we count on you to help us raise $20,000 by the end of next month?
  • In order to participate in the marathon, I must raise at least $2,000 by Friday, June 12.

Key Phrases for Step 4

  • hope to raise
  • our goal is
  • we want to raise $50,000 by
  • we want to do even more
  • want to double the amount
  • help us to reach our goal of
  • have a lofty goal to raise
  • with your help we hope to
  • anticipate raising at least
  • hope to bring in enough money to
  • plan to double the number of donations
  • will match every dollar donated up to
  • need to raise at least $20,000 in order to
  • more than last year
  • meet our goal
  • work hard to
  • hope to reach our goal of
5 Ask for a specific monetary amount (or range of amounts).

Sample Sentences for Step 5

  • Your donation of $50 or more will be used to purchase books for our children's library.
  • Your generous donation of $1,000, combined with that of others, will allow us to purchase new medical equipment to be used in a number of third-world countries.
  • In order to accomplish this, we're asking that members donate $100 to help us preserve this important part of the ecosystem.
  • Please donate $25 today to help us fight hunger in our community during this upcoming holiday season.
  • Will you donate $250 to help pay for the cost of added security to protect our neighborhood?
  • To help us be able to purchasing additional costumes and sets, we hope you will donate $35 before the end of the month.
  • Your $200 donation will be combined with others to provide ten additional scholarships to the deserving, but disadvantaged, students that belong to our program.
  • By donating $30 a month to the museum, you will be making a lasting contribution that will allow us to enrich the lives of young and old alike for years to come.

Key Phrases for Step 5

  • your donation of
  • contribute as little as $20
  • your contribution of
  • ask that you give
  • could you give
  • able to donate
  • of $200 or more
  • just $30 a month
  • for as little as $50
  • for only $100
  • with $500 we can purchase
  • $50 will feed a family for a month
  • hope you will give
  • willing to donate
  • for $5000 we can send two doctors to
  • would you consider contributing
  • any amount is welcome
  • make a donation of $25 or $50
  • your check for
  • can bill you monthly
  • less than the price of
  • even the smallest donation can
  • no matter what size
  • pay in installments
6 Give the deadline by which money must be sent/received (convey a sense of urgency).

Sample Sentences for Step 6

  • And, if we receive your donation by next Friday, October 23, we'll send to you this colorful calendar (see enclosed picture) depicting some of the beautiful places of the world that have been preserved because of generous contributions like yours.
  • Donations must be received by June 16 to qualify for the matching contribution, so send your check today.
  • Please send your donation by April 3.
  • Remember, we need your donation by Monday, September 12, in order to purchase the supplies we need to send to our nurses and doctors in Nigeria.
  • In order to purchase new uniforms and equipment before the upcoming baseball season, please send us your donation by March 20.
  • If you would like to receive your free gift, we must receive your donation no later than Saturday, December 20.
  • If you send your contribution of $200 or more by July 25, we'll send you this beautiful reprint, absolutely free.
  • We will be purchasing the materials to redo the roof next Saturday, so please make your donation today so that we can buy the items necessary to provide a warm, safe haven for our city's neglected and abandoned animals.
  • All donations sent by the end of the week will be used directly to provide scholarships for the talented young men and women who attend our world-renowned school of music.

Key Phrases for Step 6

  • your donation received by
  • within two weeks
  • could send your contribution by
  • need the donations by
  • in order to have the funds matched
  • hope to receive the donations by
  • ask that you send your donation by
  • if you could mail your check by
  • all contributions received by
  • for the premium
  • for the early-bird premium
  • write your check today
  • mail your donation today
  • anticipate your gift by
  • deadline for the funds is
  • funds are due by
  • one month from today,
  • will you send a donation by
  • expect your donation by
7 Illustrate what benefits (tangible or intangible) the donor will receive by contributing money to your cause.

Sample Sentences for Step 7

  • When you make a donation of $500 or more, we'll invite you to be a part of our prestigious Founders' Circle.
  • With your donation of $100, you'll become eligible to receive all the benefits of membership in our Donors' Club, including receiving our monthly newsletter.
  • To show our appreciation to those who contribute, we're inviting all donors to a special recognition dinner to be held on the 13th of May in Kingston Hall.
  • And what's even more important is the feeling you'll get knowing that you made the difference in a young child's life.
  • We'd like to invite all donors to attend an upcoming performance of their choice, free of charge.
  • When we receive your donation check, we'll send you your membership card, which will entitle you to a number of benefits, including. . .
  • If we receive your donation before May 3, we'll send you a special "early-bird" gift as a token of our appreciation.
  • Of course, the greatest benefit of all is the knowledge you'll have that you helped to bring the gift of a better education to underprivileged children throughout the world.
  • In addition, your tax-deductible donation will entitle you to receive our quarterly magazine.

Key Phrases for Step 7

  • your donations will
  • your contribution will entitle you to
  • this free gift is yours
  • offering a premium to all
  • feeling you'll get
  • joy that will come
  • will become a member of our prestigious
  • 100 percent tax deductible
  • to become a member of the
  • have the satisfaction of knowing that you personally
  • know you have
  • greatest reward of all
  • made a difference in the lives of
  • will receive a free
  • send to you our monthly newsletter
  • each quarter you'll receive our magazine
  • we'll send you frequent updates
  • send you a pair of complimentary tickets to
  • invited to attend all of our performances free of charge
  • gives you special privileges
  • send to you a membership card
  • to show our appreciation
  • know you have helped
  • no feeling quite like
  • if you donate at least $100, we'll send you a free
8 Indicate how the reader can make the financial contribution (phone, mail, online, etc.). If you expect to receive donations by mail, include with your fundraising letter a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Sample Sentences for Step 8

  • For your convenience, we have included a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  • To make your donation, please call us at (800) 555-5555, or you can visit our Website at
  • Please make your check out to "Educate the World," and send it in the self-addressed envelope that we have included with this letter.
  • One of our volunteers will stop by your home early next week to collect your donation.
  • You can make your donation pledge by calling our toll-free number or by sending a check or money order to the address below.
  • If you choose to donate, simply make out a check to "Smith Medical Aid Foundation," and mail it in the enclosed envelope.
  • If you would like to make a donation, you can send a check, or simply drop it off at our office.
  • You can make a one-time donation for the amount of your choice by writing a check and using the enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope, or if you prefer, we can bill you monthly.
  • To make a donation, please visit us online at and click on "Donate."

Key Phrases for Step 8

  • the enclosed envelope
  • included a pre-addressed, stamped envelope
  • can send your check to
  • just mail your donation to
  • call us at 555-5555
  • can accept your donation
  • can pay over the phone
  • can bill you monthly
  • accept all major credit cards
  • drop your donation off
  • will be by to collect
  • make your pledge by phone or mail
  • can choose to
  • use your credit or debit card
  • by visiting our Web site
  • can pay online
  • stop at our office

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