Complain About Receiving Damaged Goods

Sample Letter #1

A few weeks ago I ordered a terra cotta vase through your mail order catalog, but when it arrived it was shattered into several small pieces. It appeared that the box had been crushed by something quite heavy. I hope you have another just like it, because I would still like to receive the vase.

I am returning the invoice that was in the box, and will return the broken pieces, if necessary, to receive a replacement. Otherwise, I will eagerly await the arrival of a new vase. If it can be delivered before Christmas, I will be most grateful.

Sample Letter #2

We appreciate your willingness to deliver our new copy machine a day early. Unfortunately, it arrived with some damage to the front door. The machine works, but the door is an eyesore and doesn't close all the way. I have enclosed a Polaroid photo of the door so you can see the problem. I trust you will send someone to replace the door as soon as possible.

Sample Letter #3

Yesterday my order of flour and sugar canisters arrived damaged. The large flour canister was in pieces. I am returning the canisters with a copy of my purchase order. Please ship us a new set and pay the shipping since we already paid it twice. Thank you for your help.

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