Thank Someone For Volunteer Work • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1State your appreciation immediately.
2Praise your reader for his or her outstanding service.
3Express a final word of gratitude and encourage continued service


A brief letter thanking someone for volunteer work is a simple, courteous way to show your appreciation and encourage continued service.

Example Letter #1


I am writing to thank you for your welcome assistance during our hectic holiday season. Your willingness to show up at short notice to cook meals, clean, and help with paperwork made a great difference. If you hadn't been willing to help, some of us would have been there all night. We all thank you for your example and trust we didn't work you too hard. We hope you will be able to help again next year. Thanks again.

Example Letter #2


Thank you, Jane, for all you brought to our Community Education program. Without your help the desk would always have been piled as high as it was that first day. If our funding is ever reinstated, we hope you will consider coming back to fill a full-time position.

Example Letter #3


John, your dedication to giving our neighborhood a political voice has been invaluable. Now that you have stepped down, we want to express our appreciation for all you have done in our behalf. Your efforts in organizing this committee impressed both the Mayor and the County Commissioners. Also crucial was your willingness to host those first meetings in your own home. We hope you will accept the enclosed token of our gratitude and that you will continue to be a voice for good in the neighborhood.

Example Letter #4


Thank you for the time and work you gave during the two years you served as Girl Scout leader for troop 123. Our scouts were fortunate to have you oversee their activities. We parents were also fortunate because you never missed a meeting or an outing. In all you do, you are a good role model for our girls.


Praise your reader for his or her outstanding service.

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Express a final word of gratitude and encourage continued service

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