Inform Employees of Another's Illness • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Simply inform the employees of their co-worker's illness.
2Add appropriate details without disclosing information that the ill person would want to keep private.
3Ask for support to cover for the person until he or she returns.


This is a considerate gesture to let other employees know the status of a co-worker who is absent from work. Care should be taken to not disclose information that the ill employee would want to keep private. It can also be an appeal for needed cooperation or effort during this time.

Example Letter #1


I am sorry to report that Jane Doe has been hospitalized for observation regarding a recurring health problem. As some of you know, she has been taking medication for an ulcer for the past few months, but the problem persists. Although her desires are to be at work, her doctor insists that she undergo more tests.

If all goes well, she expects to be back on Monday. In the meantime, please do your best to help with her work load, so she won't be swamped when she returns. Thanks for your help and consideration.

Example Letter #2


As many of you know, Jane Doe is a bit under the weather. Her physician suspects she suffers from a mild case of pneumonia. She will be absent from work until she is fully recovered and her doctor gives her permission to return. I am sure she would appreciate your call, although visits do exhaust her. Please be prepared to receive her overflow, so we can avoid becoming too backed up in her absence.

Example Letter #3


As you may know, John was hospitalized over the weekend for minor surgery to correct painful bone spurs. I have spoken with him and he is in great spirits, very eager to be back on his feet. He will be recuperating at his home for at least two weeks. John has indicated that he would welcome visitors, and has asked in particular that he be kept abreast of affairs in the bidding for the Springfield Middle School remodeling contract. Ever the technophile, Harold has been telecommuting from his "bedtop computer," as he calls it.


Add appropriate details without disclosing information that the ill person would want to keep private.

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