Announce an Imminent Strike (Labor's Announcement)

Sample Letter #1

Since management has refused to negotiate in good faith regarding changes in retirement benefits, we have no other recourse than to begin our strike at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, March 15. We will remain on strike until an agreement is reached that will not penalize the families of those who die before retirement.

As difficult as a strike is on everyone, it is far more difficult for a family that is relying on a breadwinner's retirement to have it taken away. Our case is strong, and we hope to return to work soon. It is important that we show a united front in this issue that will affect many of our families.

Sample Letter #2

After negotiations broke down last night, union members voted to go on strike at midnight tonight. Demands yet to be met include a benefits package featuring an increase in medical benefits, a pay increase to bring Doe mechanics in line with other mechanics in the industry, and two additional paid holidays per year. Management has offered only a $1.50 an hour increase across the board. The union is willing to continue negotiations. As soon as we reach a tentative agreement, union members will vote again. We hope these issues will be resolved quickly so that we can resume work.

Sample Letter #3

Because management refuses to revise the terms of our contract, Local 1234 has no choice but to announce a strike, effective immediately. If management agrees to restore dental insurance benefits and to add reasonable periodical cost-of-living wage increases, the union is ready to recommend acceptance of the rest of the contract. Our position is sound and we hope to see speedy resolution to these outstanding issues, so that we may again provide the kind of excellent work and efficiency Local 1234 members are known for.

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