Announce a Change In Your Company's Name

Letter #1


The world of electronics has evolved! To reflect our expanded offerings in computers and cellular services, Doe Radio and Television Service is now Doe Electronic Technologies. We believe our founder, John Doe, would be proud.

To celebrate, visit us anytime next month for a special 20% discount on CDs, computer equipment, or cell phones. We value your continued business!

Letter #2


Exciting news! The merger of Springfield Mortgage and Doe Mortgage creates a powerhouse in the mortgage industry. Doe Mortgage, effective January, will be one of the nation's largest private mortgage lenders, while maintaining a focus on personalized service.

We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry, as featured in the January paper. Our location remains unchanged. I'm here to assist you and your network with all your financial needs. Don't hesitate to call or visit – you can expect the same exceptional service you've come to trust from Doe Mortgage.

Letter #3


We're expanding! Following a recent software acquisition, we're thrilled to announce our new name: Doe Software Design, effective February 29th, 2019. We wanted to keep you informed directly. Expect the same commitment to quality and service you've valued for years, with exciting new product additions on the horizon!

Letter #4


Shifting gears! To better reflect our focus on high-performance automotive applications, Doe Motors is revving up as Doe Auto Performance. Get ready for a powerful new driving experience!

How to Write this Announcement Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Emphasize the change and generate excitement with a compelling title. Clearly explain the reason behind the name change and highlight any benefits for the recipient. Maintain a positive and energetic tone throughout the announcement.

In addition to the general announcement that you will make, this letter provides a personal touch for special friends and clients. It is an opportunity to build good relationships and promote your business.


  1. In a personal tone explain that you are changing the name. If appropriate, give the reason why.

Write Your announcement in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 In a personal tone explain that you are changing the name. If appropriate, give the reason why.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • To avoid confusion with another company with a similar name, we have decided to change our name to Doe Construction. We have enjoyed our work with you and look forward to future cooperation.
  • Before you hear the news in another way, we want to let you know that, effective June 1, we will have a new name, "Doe Hunting and Fishing," to better reflect our focus on meeting the needs of the outdoors enthusiast. We plan to have a special 25% off sale on that day.
  • We have changed our name! After July 1, we will be known as "Doe International." We will be offering the same domestic services as before, plus helping you with your international travel needs. We are committed to being your full-service travel agency.
  • With the help of associates like you, our company has grown to the point where our name no longer reflects the full line of products we market. Effective May 1, we will be known as"Doe Computers and Office Supplies.."
  • Before you read about it in the newspaper, we want you to know how delighted we are that John Doe is joining our consulting staff. After July 1, we will be known as Johnson and Doe Associates. Although the company name is not significantly different, Mr. Doe's participation will strengthen our commitment to providing you with the best real estate services available.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • because of some confusion between
  • changes in the direction that the company
  • grown to the point where
  • has been some confusion
  • have decided to change our name to
  • have changed our name
  • not significantly different
  • only the name has changed
  • our name no longer reflects
  • our new name will be
  • reflects our commitment to
  • represents our commitment to
  • strengthens our commitment
  • this change will take effect on
  • to better reflect the recent merger with
  • to avoid confusion with
  • to better reflect our focus on
  • want you to know
  • want to let you know
  • will have a new name
  • will be known as