Announce a Bad Weather or Civil Emergency Policy

Letter #1


Your safety is our top priority. In the event of severe weather or emergencies, we'll use all available channels to keep you informed. Look out for updates from your immediate supervisor by phone. If you don't hear from them but have concerns, tune in to radio station ABCD, 1170 AM, for regular updates every 30 minutes.

We'll close the office only if the highway patrol deems travel unsafe. If we remain open, we encourage you to prioritize your safety when deciding whether to come to work. Time missed due to office closure won't be deducted from your personal time off. For any questions, reach out to your supervisor.

Letter #2


Severe weather or emergencies? Stay informed with Doe Corporation! We announce closures or delays on radio station ABCD, 1170 AM. Tune in every half hour for updates. Having a battery-powered radio on hand is a great way to receive critical information during emergencies.

In case of closures or delays due to bad weather or emergencies, company policy ensures you're compensated for lost time. However, we expect you to return when we reopen. If unsure about work hours, contact your supervisor to avoid any missed work penalties.

Letter #3


Introducing our 'telephone tree' system for employee notification during emergencies or bad weather. In case of delays or closures, your immediate supervisor will reach out to you directly by phone.

No call? Business as usual! Confirmed phone failure excuses your absence. Please review the attached 'telephone tree' diagram for reference. Feel free to direct any questions to John Doe.

Letter #4


As winter approaches, here's a friendly reminder of our severe weather policy. Now's the perfect time to winterize your car for safe travel. Your safety is paramount! While office closures are rare, we may close if road conditions become dangerous. If unsure about reporting to work, call our employee hotline at 555-5555 for updates on company hours during severe weather or emergencies. Remember, employees are expected to be at work when the office is open. If unable to come in, notify your supervisor to request personal leave.

How to Write this Announcement Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Make the title descriptive to highlight the policy's purpose. Emphasize clear communication channels and employee safety measures. Use a positive and encouraging tone. Eliminate negative language. Consider offering a link to the full bad weather/emergency policy on your website (if applicable) for detailed information.

This letter informs employees or members of an organization how to respond when bad weather or emergency situations affect their schedules or activities.


  1. Explain how to get information when needed.
  2. Explain how the policy works.

Write Your announcement in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Explain how to get information when needed.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • As winter approaches, it is important that everyone be aware that severe weather conditions and possible office closings caused by bad weather will be announced on radio station ABCD, 1170 AM every thirty minutes from 1:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., or as needed.
  • To keep phone lines open during an emergency situation, tune your radio to station ABCD, 1170 AM.
  • Since severe weather or other emergency situations may cause telephone and electrical outages, keep a battery-operated radio tuned to station ABCD, 1170 AM. This station will keep you informed every half hour of road conditions and business closures.
  • In most bad weather or emergency situations, your immediate supervisor will notify you by telephone if you are not to report for work. If you receive no call, and are still concerned, listen to radio ABCD, 1170 AM for information every half hour.
  • The safety of our employees is of paramount concern to us. Please listen to radio station ABCD for weather updates.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • as winter approaches
  • as the hurricane season approaches
  • avoid using phones during an emergency
  • don't want you traveling
  • during emergency conditions
  • give updates every half hour
  • have agreed to report on these conditions
  • how conditions are affecting our work
  • if you should not report for work
  • immediate supervisor will try to notify you
  • important that everyone be aware that
  • in order to keep phone lines open
  • keep radio tuned to
  • keep a battery-operated radio
  • listen to radio station ABCD
  • notify you by telephone
  • on the hour and half-hour
  • other emergency situations
  • possible offices closings
  • safety of our employees is paramount
  • severe weather conditions are announced on
  • station will keep you informed
  • telephone and electrical outages
  • too hazardous for travel
  • will notify radio station
2 Explain how the policy works.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • If bad weather forces us to delay opening for a few hours, or to close for the day, we will notify radio station ABCD by 6:00 a.m. Of course, employees will not be penalized for time lost during official closings.
  • Doe will consider official company closings as paid holidays.
  • We will close the office if conditions are deemed too hazardous for travel; however, if the office is not closed, employees are expected to make every effort to be at work. Time missed when the office is officially open is considered an employee's personal time off.
  • In the event that severe weather or natural disaster requires us to delay opening or causes us to close for the day, time lost will not affect an employee's sick days or vacation days; however, as soon as we reopen, we expect employees to be on the job.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • absences from work
  • announces its office closings by
  • as long as the company is open
  • considered as personal leave
  • due to a civil emergency
  • employee's personal time off
  • employees will not be penalized
  • expect employees to be on the job
  • expected to be at work
  • if conditions are too hazardous for
  • if the office is officially open
  • if bad weather forces us to
  • make every effort to be here
  • make every effort to get to work
  • over the radio
  • time lost through an official closing
  • to close for the day
  • to delay opening for a few hours
  • unable to make it to work
  • will close the office
  • will notify radio station