Ask For Personal Advice

Letter #1


Hope you're doing well! Listen, I know you're not a fortune teller, but sometimes a second opinion can be a lifesaver. I have this opportunity to [brief explanation of situation]. The thing is, it might put a strain on things financially next season. I value your experience and would love to hear your thoughts if you have a spare moment. Maybe we could grab lunch and go over the details? No pressure at all, but your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Letter #2


Guess what? I just got a raise! Finally making more than Eric, but...well, let's just say it's causing a bit of tension. I know you've been in similar situations before, and I could really use your advice. Free lunch this week sound good? Let's chat and see how you navigated things.

Letter #3


Hope all is well! Remember me from way back in sixth grade? Anyway, I'm reaching out because you've always been someone I admire for your experiences and wisdom. I have this personal decision to make, and I trust you to keep it confidential.

Here's the deal: I'm debating between applying for government financial aid for grad school or working full-time for a while to save up. I recently bought a car and the payments are manageable, but tuition is another story. Part of me worries about more debt, but taking a break might make me lose momentum on going back to school altogether. Any thoughts you have would be a huge help. Thanks for listening!

Letter #4


Hope you're doing okay. Listen, I'm facing some financial difficulties right now, and I'm considering bankruptcy. I know it's a big decision, and I'd honestly prefer to chat about it in person rather than write everything out. Would you be free sometime next week to talk? I'll call you in a few days to set something up. Thanks for your time.

How to Write this Advice Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

To ask someone for advice is a compliment, because you are expressing confidence in his or her opinion. That person should be worthy of your trust and be willing to keep your request confidential. Shift the tone to a more casual and conversational style appropriate for requesting personal advice from a friend. Encourage the recipient to provide specific details about their situation. Emphasize that the purpose is to offer a listening ear and support, not pressure them for a specific answer. Maintain the call to action is for meeting up or chatting further.Consider adding a disclaimer clarifying these letters are not professional financial or academic advice. You can further personalize the letters based on the nature of your relationship with the recipient.


  1. Explain immediately that you are requesting advice and express confidence that the reader is one who can help.
  2. Explain the problem in broad terms.
  3. If necessary, suggest more detailed communication on the subject.
  4. Express anticipation for an answer.

Write Your advice in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Explain immediately that you are requesting advice and express confidence that the reader is one who can help.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • I am writing to ask your advice regarding my application to dental school. Jane Doe told me that your counsel to her was invaluable.
  • I need your advice regarding whether I should take a position in management or stay in sales. Since you can view me objectively, your insight would very valuable.
  • John, I am turning to you for your professional opinion regarding the purchase of a condominium in Springfield. You seem to be your company's expert on this.
  • I need some advice regarding a possible divorce. I know you received effective legal counsel last year, and I'd like to ask you a few questions.
  • Help! You're a dear friend who knows me better than anyone and I need your advice.
  • Since you have successfully changed your profession, I am hoping you can give me some advice on a career change.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • am asking for your help because
  • am seriously considering
  • as to whether I should
  • ask for your advice
  • for your professional opinion
  • have a few questions
  • have a good view of
  • in view of your experience with
  • know better than anyone
  • may I impose on
  • need some advice about
  • regarding the purchase of a
  • regarding my application to
  • regarding a possible
  • turning to you for advice
  • would appreciate your counsel
  • would appreciate your advice
  • would be very valuable to
  • your insight would be
  • your ability to
2 Explain the problem in broad terms.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • My problem is that my undergraduate degree has taken so long that most of the professors who know me and could advise me have left the university.
  • My major concern has to do with weighing the benefits of immediate financial gains against possible long-range opportunities.
  • My husband wants to place all of our property in my name, which makes me liable for the mortgages and debts.
  • I am wondering whether I should wait for interest rates to come down or whether I should make a move now.
  • I am concerned with how the courts determine custody of children.
  • I need to terminate a relationship with a friend who is becoming abusive.
  • My mother's health has deteriorated to the point where we are considering putting her in a rest home, but we don't know how to proceed.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • am considering making some changes to
  • am looking into
  • am really worried about
  • am not sure how to approach
  • am having difficulties with
  • am seriously considering
  • am feeling pressured to
  • are planning to organize
  • concerned about the long-term implications of
  • have been struggling with
  • have recently received an offer of
  • have run into problems with
  • in serious financial trouble
  • my major concern is
  • need to make a final decision about
  • need to know
  • not sure what I should do
  • seems a wonderful opportunity
  • would like to explore my options
3 If necessary, suggest more detailed communication on the subject.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • Rather than going into a lot of detail in a letter, I would like to meet with you for lunch to discuss my options.
  • Some of his comments lately make me think that we are in serious financial trouble.
  • One bank claims that interest rates will fall even lower so I should wait, while another is advising me to close the deal.
  • You know that my recent difficulty may make the courts less sympathetic to my case.
  • Several times during the past months his anger has escalated and he has threatened me with physical harm.
  • I need to know how to structure the estate so I can use funds to cover her care.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • as soon as possible
  • at your convenience
  • at your earliest convenience
  • could I call you
  • could we meet at
  • discuss this with you
  • fill you in on the details
  • get together for
  • give you the full story when we meet
  • like to hear your experience with
  • like to meet with you
  • meet with you personally
  • please let me know when
  • take you to lunch
  • will call you
  • will tell you all about it
  • will be happy to
  • will set up an appointment
  • would appreciate the opportunity to
  • would like to discuss this
  • would you be available to
  • would be grateful if
4 Express anticipation for an answer.

Sample Sentences for Step 4

  • I will be in Springfield on July 3, and would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you personally. I will call that morning to see if I can have an appointment.
  • Do you feel I should consult a lawyer, or should I wait and see if things work out?
  • I am anxious to know what you recommend, given my financial situation and the current economic trend.
  • I sincerely hope we can get together to talk about this. I need your input soon.
  • I look forward to hearing from you. I have to make some difficult decisions.
  • I'm not going to make any long-range decisions until I hear from you. Please call me soon.

Key Phrases for Step 4

  • am eager to know
  • can't wait to hear from you
  • could you meet me
  • give me a call
  • have to make a decision by
  • have lunch together
  • hope you will be able to
  • hope to hear from you soon
  • how do you suggest that I
  • if you would give me an appointment
  • leave a message
  • look forward to
  • sincerely hope that you can
  • to hear your opinion
  • to hear from you
  • until I hear from you
  • what you think I should
  • would appreciate your help
  • would be grateful for your
  • would like to know what you
  • would appreciate any insights

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