Decline a Request For Credit • Letter Templates and Guide

How to write this letter:

1Thank the applicant for applying for credit.
2Soften the refusal, if possible, by noting any positive items in the reader's application. State the reasons for the refusal, followed by a brief refusal.
3Suggest, if appropriate, other possibilities for doing business.
4Offer encouragement or a suggestion to reapply later.


A letter declining a request for credit, either from a business or a private citizen, should retain the good will of the reader. In most cases, your refusal should leave the door open to future applications from the same party.

Example Letter #1


Thank you for contacting Doe's about your credit needs. Unfortunately, after careful review of your application, we must decline your loan request at this time. However, we would gladly reconsider your request if someone signed with you on the loan.

Example Letter #2


Thank you for your recent application for a Doe credit card. Unfortunately, you do not meet our current criteria for credit approval. First, you must be employed for at least one year before we can approve your application. Second, your credit report reveals a couple of delinquent accounts.

If you feel that you have information that will make a difference in these two considerations, please write us at:

Credit Department

Doe Corporation

1600 Main Street

Springfield, Kansas 12346

In any case, we invite you to reapply after you have been with your current employer for more than a year and after your delinquent accounts are in order.

Example Letter #3


Thank you for applying for in-house credit with Doe & Sons. While it appears that your business holds good financial promise, we are unable to approve your line of credit due to your troubled credit history. Please feel free to resubmit your credit application when you feel more secure about your credit record. For the time being, we will gladly accept your cash, checks or credit cards at Doe & Sons and, as always, we appreciate your business.

Example Letter #4


We appreciate your interest in obtaining a Doe's credit card. After carefully reviewing your credit application, we have concluded that we cannot offer you a credit card at this time. Although your work record is excellent and your income is sufficient to qualify, several entries on your credit report show payments over 60 days delinquent. In considering credit card applications, we hope to find no payments in the past year that are over 30 days delinquent.

Doe's has a layaway plan, and we hope you will take full advantage of that service until we can offer you credit. As you situation improves, please reapply for a Doe's credit card. We greatly value your business.


Soften the refusal, if possible, by noting any positive items in the reader's application. State the reasons for the refusal, followed by a brief refusal.

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Example Phrases

according to your financial statements and our credit information after a careful review of your application after reviewing all the information on your credit application although your work record is excellent are not in a position to extend the amount of credit you desire authorities consulted have not given us sufficient based on your application and the formulas we use based on the information you supplied us because your current liabilities exceed been making regular payments on all your current accounts before we can offer you a credit card being unemployed makes it impossible for us to offer by then you should have less difficulty cannot see adding to your outstanding debts cannot process your application careful evaluation of your application indicates committee decided to not grant the requested line of credit company policy does not allow us to process orders on credit company has been established for at least credit criteria require that a customer's liabilities not exceed current income demonstrate your ability to pay your open accounts does not conform to our company credit requirements enclosed is a copy of their report feel credit approval should be delayed financial information you provided us does not include for your own protection have been endeavoring to establish your credit it appears from the credit report we just received lack of a permanent work record at this time looked into your credit standing merit approval under our criteria for extending credit must be employed full-time for at least my unfortunate duty to inform you of your ineligibility not able to promptly meet all your current obligations not able to extend credit to you notice that you have been in this area only a few our research has not provided sufficient payment has consistently been getting further and further behind perhaps a further review of your current situation will reveal refuse credit to any applicant who has filed for bankruptcy regret to inform you regrettably we cannot approve your credit application saying no to a customer is not easy since receiving your application sorry to report that we must decline your application sorry to report that your references sorry to inform you that we cannot extend credit at this time unable to grant you the open credit you requested unfortunately the information we received does not allow us until you furnish this information to us when you have established a bank account your outstanding debts


Suggest, if appropriate, other possibilities for doing business.

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Offer encouragement or a suggestion to reapply later.

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