Confirm Receipt of an Order from a Customer

Dr. Mel Luthy, Chief Editor

Sample Letter #1

As you requested in our phone conversation this morning, I have notified our truck driver to pick up your old refrigerator when he delivers the new one that you purchased on Friday.

We will make our delivery in the early afternoon on Tuesday, March 5. The driver will call to confirm that someone will be home at that time. There is no extra charge for this pickup service.

Sample Letter #2

Thank you for your letter. This will confirm that your order for 10 additional copies of the Doe Forum (total 30) will go into effect with the November issue. The additional cost will be $20.00 for this year.

The invoice is enclosed, along with an order form for next year's publication, which will feature several new writers and a special section on consumer protection. Thank you for your continuing interest in the Forum.

Sample Letter #3

Thank you for your catalogue order of 30 dryers. This is to confirm that 15 of the dryers will be shipped to the Springfield plant and the other 15 will go to the Middleton plant.

As a preferred customer you are invited to our private sale on January 15. To make room for new inventory, we are discounting all commercial equipment 30%. This kind of sale may never come again.

It is a pleasure to serve you.

Sample Letter #4

We just received your letter, ordering twelve place settings of the Floral China by Bernouch at $125.00 a setting. Unless delayed by the pending truckers' strike, we will ship your order within two weeks. Please note that the price for each place setting has increased to $130.00. If this presents a problem, please phone me at 555-5555. Otherwise, I will assume the order stands and will ship as planned.

Doe China is having a promotion on their less formal tableware. I have enclosed a colorful brochure, illustrating the five patterns. If you order now, we can save you shipping charges by packaging it with your china. You can order by calling the number mentioned above.

We appreciate your business.

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