How to Write an Encouragement Letter

Melvin Luthy
Chief Editor

Encouragement letters can have a very powerful effect on others. The perfect letter may express sincere support and inspire others to accomplish great things.

  1. When writing letters of encouragement, keep the tone positive, and focus on what has been or can be achieved. Avoid direct or implied criticism. Your goal is to give hope or express how much you care.
  2. Encouragement is most needed after a disappointment or setback, and written encouragement can be very powerful in these circumstances. It gives the reader something to keep, share, and review.
  3. Demonstrate a tone of genuine appreciation in your encouragement letter.
  4. Be careful to avoid strong language that might discourage readers.
  5. Offer your reader help if assistance is appropriate and genuinely available.
  6. A good time to encourage your reader is after he or she has successfully completed a task. The written word has a motivational power that casual comments do not have, and a positive letter can motivate the reader to even higher standards of excellence.