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These are unedited responses from our customers.

Testimonials from Customers

"Your software has increased my productivity by multiple times as I do not have to spend time creating exact sentences. This is a very useful software product"
Nitin, Engineering Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

"...a time saver for sure."
John Zinna

"Easy letters has provided easy-to-use templates for all my written communications. I can always mix and match the samples to get my final products. The topics are quick and comprehensive."
Steve Tong

"Thank you for this program. Not only was it easy to download but it auto installed into my Microsoft Word program. I have had business letters that I needed to respond to that have been sitting on my desk haunting me. With your program I was able to send out more than 6 business letters in one day and get all of my other work done. This program is so worth the money spent—actually it is worth more than you are selling it for. I own a mortgage company and I constantly have to respond to business letters from large companies with staff writers and it is very intimidating. Now I feel as though I have a staff of writers working for me.

Thanks again for your product, I am recommending it to all of my friends and clients. What a simple, easy-to-use program."
Joyce McNair-Larry

"I wanted to let you know how useful Easy Letters has been to me over the past 2 1/2 years. I've used it frequently, finding great phrases and prewritten letters to insert into e-mails and other correspondence when writing both business and personal communications. It has made me a "star" and I have no fear of taking on a new writing assignment no matter how unfamiliar the subject. I just rely on Easy Letters!

Thanks again for making such a useful utility!"
Gregg Gerdau

"I am in the military and am currently in command. I write many evaluations and awards. Your software helps give me ideas and quickens the process of these writing requirements."
David MacDonald

 "You have a good product for the busy administrator. Thank you."
Sharon Pritchett

 "Very clever programs.  I hope this may help the aspiring writer within."
Tom Elden

"Thank you for providing me with a great tool to use on a day-to-day basis."
Pam Aquilino

"As a stockbroker/ financial advisor I am communicating and constructing relationships all day long with clients, internal operations people, marketing resources, and prospective clients.  Easy Letters contributes depth to my personal writing style. It too in the course of a challenging day enables my personal communication skills to remain fresh, properly tempered, and concise."
Mark J. Modlo

 "I have already used the evaluation copy once and found it to be very useful.  To me it's best attribute is giving me ideas and a starting point.  Many thanks"
Valerie Carpenter

"This is a good site to help us to improve our skills writing."
Hassan Abdul Hakeem

 "This was exactly what i was looking for. Thank you for having such a site available."
Janne Altonen

"I purchased your product a few months ago and have found it to be quite helpful"
David Jones

WriteExpress Rhymer

I give an annual 15 minute presentation in verse, and Rhymer is my secret weapon. I looked at other programs, but their dictionaries were far too small.

I was thrilled to find last night that WordPerfect Rhymer was resurrected as a Windows program. I bought WriteExpress Rhymer immediately, and I wasn't disappointed. Congratulations and thanks! Keep supporting it. You have many loyal devotees, I am sure.
Andy Solberg

"I just wanted to let you know how much we love your Rhymer. I bought it for my husband in 1996 and he uses it all the time! It is one of the only programs my husband listed as a "must have" to transfer over when we switched to Windows XP. My husband is a corporate humorist. He writes parody lyrics to rocks songs and performs them at big business meetings and conventions."
Karen Walter

"As a writer of poetry this software is the greatest thing there is for helping me write better poetry. Dr. Mel Luthy is a genius and has my compliments for putting this Rhymer together. It's really great, and my writings have improved 100% since I purchased and started using it. Thanks once again."
Bill Charles

"In 1998 I purchased the Rhymer and Phonetic Finder.  I have used it religiously in my writing."
Dr. Tom Shannon, Chaplain

"I really LOVE your rhyming dictionary—I'm writing and you help a lot! Please don't ever go away!"
Bonnie Pomroy

 "THANK YOU SO MUCH.... I write songs and poems and every once in a while I just get completely stuck... and then I take a look at what you all have for me... and it never fails. You need no improvements... TWO THUMBS UP!"

 "Awesome...what a help on Valentine's Day!  Thanks!!!"
Garren Hill

"If only everyone gave as excellent service as you have done.  I really appreciate it."
Carole Mankowitz

"Thank You.  Thank You.  Thank You.  I love your site. It made writing my holiday poem a breeze."
Jodi Dawes

"Rhymer continues to work splendidly."
Marshall Powers

"This is the coolest thing ever. Thank you so much for this service! I couldn't find one word to rhyme with "decide" and you found about 200! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!"
Emily Dempsey

"Just wanted to say, "Thank you." Great website. Great service for us poets. Thanks again."
Chuck Weiss

"I'm still using your products and love them"
PA Rougier

 "Your website is the best. The rhyming words helped me in a poem that gave me an A."
Paul Jansa

I just downloaded my replacement Rhymer and everything is working great. It's just what I wanted and needed...In my pre-WriteExpress Rhymer days, I'd pick up the bulky Clement Wood's Unabridged Rhyming Dictionary and have to flip through its pages in the middle of my work. Now I click on the Rhymer icon...Everything I need is literally at my fingertips.

Sometimes just finding rhymes gives me ideas for puzzles.

Thanks so much for your help today. It was a grand surprise to find such solid "customer service" with a terrific follow-through.
Gloria Rosenthal

"This site is incredibly helpful...wonderful!"
Stephanie Nussbaum

"Thank you so much for your website.  What an awesome resource!"
Brett Self

WriteExpress Phonetic Finder

"I must persist until you start marketing your product to speech/language pathologists..."

"I'm going to be giving an all-day workshop in Yakima Oct. 12 on Tech for SLP's.  Yours will be a product I'll be promoting."
Barbara Allen