How to create a resume portfolio for positions requiring artistic skill and experience

by Fred Pinnegar, Resume Coach and Professional Writer

When applying for a position that requires artistic skill and experience (including drawing, graphic design, writing or editing, and the like), you may be asked to send or bring a portfolio with samples of your work. Use the resume strategy most suited to your situation, but provide an index for your portfolio as an attachment.

Steps to Create Your Resume

  1. Provide complete information at the top of the index page to identify yourself. Include name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, as well as a fax number, if you have one. Symmetrically balance the information, and make your name stand out.
  2. Itemize your projects in order of importance or in inverse chronological order (most recent first). Give the title and date of each project.
  3. For each project represented in the portfolio, provide a cover sheet with the title and date of the sample, as well as adequate commentary to tell why or how the project was prepared and how it was used by the client.