Will your letter generate the right first impression?

by Margaret Pettis, English Teacher

Have you ever written a letter to an employer or friend that was so poorly received you wished you had never sent it? Did your inappropriate or confusing phrasing result in your having to "put out the fire" and spend more time on the "quick" communication?

You are not alone!

Writing the perfect letter yourself can be challenging.
It is an area in which many of us falter. A poorly written letter can negate a chance for an interview or harm a relationship with a dear friend or employer.

The power of an effectively crafted letter is immense.
It requires a formal, exacting style. It demands sensitivity to tone and word choice. It must engage an uncompromising eye for grammatical and spelling errors. It is not the same thought process as speaking.

Often it is as simple as attending to the first and last lines of the letter.
We at WriteExpress understand the vital bridge between making it to an employer's "short list" and landing in the slush pile with other poorly constructed letters. Often it is as simple as attending to the first and last lines of the letter, which a busy employer is prone to scan to form a first impression.

Our job is to fit the thoughts and concerns of the writer to the task at hand.
We have studied reams of poorly written communiqués in the business world and resolved this critical aspect of smooth, intelligent, and appropriate connection between two parties. Now you can find just the right strategy, just the right way to phrase what you are longing to say but have lacked "the right words"!

First impressions are lasting.
Set yourself above the rest with a letter that shines in clarity, cordiality, and message. Let WriteExpress work for you. We know you'll be satisfied!