How to Write a Dismissal Letter

by WriteExpress Staff Writers
Steps to dismiss an employee for reasons beyond the employee's control:
  1. Review the history of the situation.
  2. State clearly that the recipient's employment is terminated. Express your regret, but don't dwell on it.
  3. Include any information regarding severance pay or benefits, if needed.
  4. End on a note of encouragement.
Why your dismissal letter must demonstrate sincere concern to ease pain:
  • When terminating an employee, men tend to freeze up and show little or no emotion. Studies have shown it is much better to show genuine care and concern.
  • It can ease the pain of an employee who will have to make a difficult transition.
  • The written word is easily preserved and may come back to haunt you.
  • It will reflect well on your company as signs of courtesy and professionalism.
  • It can help diminish hostility if it does not openly reproach the employee.
  • It gives the employee the benefit of the doubt for facts not in the evidence.
  • Circumstances may change, and you or somebody else in your company may decide to rehire the same employee.