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Express yourself with high-quality letter templates

Letter-writing: Business, Sales and Personal Letters 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters
Our largest and best collection of letters. Get the confidence you need to say it right. And get FREE rhyming dictionary software.
Business and sales letters 3,001 Business & Sales Letters
Build relationships, persuade customers and close sales, plus FREE rhyming dictionary software.
Business letters Easy Letters
2,200 proven letters for managing every aspect of starting and growing your business.

Save on individual collections of letter-writing templates

Letter Icon Apology, Cover, Farewell, Love, Recommendation, Resignation, Thank You $7.99

Find rhymes fast

Rhyming dictionary software Rhymer
Find rhymes fast on your PC or Mac. 93,000-words plus advanced search options.

Find words by their sounds

Find words by their sounds Phonetic Dictionary (Phonetic Finder)
Find words by their sounds! Perfect for wordsmiths, linguists and teachers.
FREE with Rhymer for Windows

Correct your writing!

Copy-writer software StyleWriter—the world's largest style and usage checker $149.99

Write a novel

Write a novel NewNovelist —Time to start writing your novel? $49.99

Write stories

Creative-writing software for children Story Wizard—Help your teenager become a great creative writer. $39.98

Save time and effort with Word, Excel and PowerPoint Templates

Office Employee Manual Employee Manual
Office Policy Manual: Everything you need to create a great employee manual!
HTML High Impact Email Email Marketing Templates
Send amazing-looking emails with High Impact eMail's templates.
Microsoft Templates Microsoft Office Templates
Be more productive with OfficeReady Pro's easy-to-use templates.
Awesome PowerPoint templates PowerPoint Templates
Impress your audience with new, light-filled templates.

Erase your hard drive—completely!

Erase sensitive hard drive data with WipeDrive WipeDrive—Don't let others recover your sensitive data. $39.95

Help a child learn to read—a selfless act that keeps giving

Learn-to-read books Family Readers
Unlock your child's potential for success