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Carta Modelo #1


All over the United States CEOs like you are learning about expensive profit sharing plans. They're educating themselves about the pros and cons because they know they must improve their employee benefits so their key people will remain motivated.

So many ideas, so many trials and errors. NO clear-cut answers until now. Doe Corporate Planner is a newsletter created to help you get to the bottom-line on profit sharing pros and cons, financial planning strategies, and employees benefits packages. This newsletter is designed to get to practical applications that have worked successfully in other companies.

You are one of more than 1,500 CEOs selected to receive THREE FREE ISSUES of this new, valuable resource. You will soon receive a Subscription Continuation Offer inviting you to subscribe to the next 12 monthly issues at the charter subscription rate of $89. Whether or not you continue your subscription, the first two issues are yours to keep.

Or, you can begin saving immediately by subscribing now: only $69 if you order by (date).

Don't miss this opportunity to subscribe to Doe Corporate Planner and receive quick, valuable information about these challenging subjects. Subscribe today.

Carta Modelo #2


Thank you so much for completing our recent diabetes survey. The full results should be released in our next newsletter.

As a survey participant, you may purchase products from our catalog at the special discounted rate of 25% off the listed price--and this discount is good through June 30.

Also, as special token of our appreciation, please find enclosed a gift certificate that you can use toward your next purchase.

Thanks again for helping us. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs.

Carta Modelo #3


Do you want better health?

"Doe Health Newsletter" brings you monthly articles on groundbreaking research by such health authorities as (name prominent people). Over the last twelve issues we have published informative articles on such topics as:

*(list prominent articles)

Subscribe to Doe Health Newsletter and you'll learn: (list intriguing subjects).

But you don't have to take our word for it. You can receive a FREE issue of Doe Health Newsletter by filling out the enclosed reply card. See for yourself if this is not the most complete and up-to-date information on health published anywhere.

Send in the card today. Your free copy of Doe Health Newsletter will arrive shortly. We are certain that once you've read the FREE issue, you'll want the following ones.

Carta Modelo #4


You have only 3 days left to take advantage of the super low ad prices in Doe Web News.

We now have over 11,000 Opt-In subscribers. These people are interested in new books, music, and electronics.

On May 30, ad rates WILL increase. Right now you can get 4 ads for only ($)!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity! Order now!

Carta Modelo #5


Since you have decided not to order your subscription to Doe Handyman Newsletter, may I make a suggestion?

If you're not ready now, request the ordering details and you'll have them in your e-mail "Inbox" when you are ready to give a copy as a gift to yourself or someone you love.

There is no obligation to buy. Requesting the details will simply tell you how you can obtain the Doe Handyman Newsletter for only $12.95. Don't forget, it comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied we'll cheerfully refund your money.

The e-mail that you will automatically receive also contains instructions for ordering this valuable newsletter by U.S. mail.

P.S. There is no obligation to buy. Requesting the details will simply tell you how you can obtain the Doe Handyman Newsletter for only $12.95. Click here to request the ordering details.

Carta Modelo #6


We miss you and we really want you back.

Without Doe Periodical, you're missing the monthly resource on senior living. Doe Periodical's informative editorial is respected for its tell-it-like-it-is style. It's the one senior magazine that gets to the heart of what matters most.

* (list prominent features)

With content that represents the true voice of senior living, Doe Periodical has the knack for plain speaking. Did you know that most of our writers are over 50 and know your wants and needs?

Isn't it time to re-subscribe and start reading what's most important to you?

We want to make you this special offer. Subscribe now and receive 12 information-packed issues for only $15--that's 40% off our regular single-issue rate. And, if you subscribe by (date), we'll throw in a (gift) absolutely FREE. This gift alone is valued at $19.95!

To receive your FREE (gift), just send us a check for $15 for your subscription to Doe Periodical along with the enclosed subscription card, or call us toll-free at 1-800-555-5555.

Don't delay. ACT NOW! Just fill out the enclosed subscription card, and drop it in the mail. You'll be glad you did!

P.S. Don't forget. With the renewal of your subscription you receive a FREE (gift) valued at $19.95.

Carta Modelo #7


Would you like to have a cost effective way to reach potential customers in your city? You will find two brochures with this letter. They detail information about the Newspaper Classified Network (NCN) and the Doe display advertising Network.

1) NCN--This network gives you the opportunity to reach potential customers in your city and many more on the Internet to let them know about your products. The cost is only ($) per posting.

2) The Doe Network allows you to place a display ad in all 15 local publications for only ($).

Please read through the attached brochures for more information about these two networks. If you have any questions, please call me. I will give you a call soon to answer any questions and to help you place your order. Thank you again for your time.

Carta Modelo #8


Try a free issue of Doe Computer Newsletter

May I offer my personal invitation to preview, at no risk, Doe Computer Newsletter--our quarterly newsletter that gives you the hands-on information you need to get the most out of today's fast-changing technology?

Every edition has updates, tips, and techniques that will make you a more productive. You will learn how to:

* (list 5 or more prominent features)

* And much, much more!

One suggestion from Doe Computer Newsletter could save you hours of frustration and wasted effort. The following edition might offer a solution to a problem you have experienced.

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by sending for your FREE issue of Doe Computer Newsletter! No obligation, ever!

P.S. Simply mail the attached postage-paid card today.

Carta Modelo #9


Subject: [Roman Wars]

Since you are a subscriber to our periodical Doe's Ancient Civilizations Review, we knew you would be interested in our newest publication, Roman Wars.

Roman Wars tells about: (give overview of the book).

This great new publication is loaded with new information--a must for every historian's library. To receive this book, just type "yes" in the subject line as you reply to this message. We will send you Roman Wars immediately.

If you decide to keep the book, you will be billed just $14.95, plus shipping. Or, you may return it and pay nothing. Take advantage of this no-risk offer. Reply now.

Carta Modelo #10


Not long ago we sent you the 'back-to-school' edition of The Doe's Family Focus Newsletter featuring a special offer on our NEW title--(Name of Product)--for just $24, plus a special premium (Name of Premium), an additional $19 value! It's not too late to take advantage of this special offer, but the clock is ticking...

Don't let this exclusive offer pass you by! Order today to get the NEW (Name of Product) for just $24 AND receive the FREE (Name of Premium). This special offer expires September 30, so don't wait--order now!

Discover Action, Adventure, and Education with (Name of Product)!

(One paragraph description of product):

* (5-7 one-sentence bullet points)

Help your child build the skills and confidence he or she needs to conquer the challenges of a new school year. Order (Name of Product) for just $24 (plus $5.95 for shipping and handling) and enjoy FREE (Name of Premium), a $19 value. But don't wait--this special offer expires September 30, so order today!