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Slow credit?

Jane Doe has been helping finance challenging car loans for over 15 years. She can do it for you, too. Jane and City Credit Union work closely with every local car dealership. No one and no financial institution know cars better.

So call Jane at City Credit Union the next time you need a car. She has answer for you! We have a 95% approval rating and will generally give a decision within 24 hours after receiving your application.

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Need a car loan?

When others say NO, we say YES! Even if you have been turned down before, we can help!

At Doe Credit Union, we have money to lend right now--at low, low rates!

Easy terms!

Why not take a couple minutes to complete the enclosed application and send it or call it in to us. There is no obligation. All information is kept strictly confidential. This service is fast and free, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Just think, you could be driving around in your new car tomorrow! Contact us today!