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Carta Modelo #1

Thank you for your application for advanced training in micro circuitry. I am always glad when employees show an interest in furthering their skills and education. Unfortunately, we have already allocated the training budget for this year. It is usually a good idea to apply six months in advance to receive training funds. However, in two months we will be submitting the departmental budget, and I will be pleased to receive an updated proposal from you then. Your initiative will stand you in good stead.

Carta Modelo #2

I have received your request to participate in next month's advanced computer training. Your enthusiasm for education is admirable. I am sorry that all available training slots are filled for that course. However, I have put you at the head of the list for the next training, which takes place in two months. I hope you can stand the wait. Best wishes in your work at Doe.

Carta Modelo #3

I am happy to grant your request to attend Doe's training series to gain technical certification on their product line.

Please bring me the completed application form, and I will write the tuition check and submit it. Simply attend the four-day training downtown June 4-7. I will pay you just as if you had worked four eight-hour days. The training you will receive will add to our shop's ability to serve more customers.

Carta Modelo #4

I am pleased to approve your application for an adjustment in your working hours and for tuition assistance while you complete your master's degree.

The policy of Doe Ltd. is to refund your tuition and fees as well as textbook expenses for all courses you pass. Please keep all receipts and lists of required textbooks for each course. Please speak to Jane Doe in Personnel about necessary adjustments in your working hours. Half of the time you take off will be counted as personal leave, paid or unpaid as appropriate; the other half is paid study leave.

We believe that your graduate work will benefit both you and the company and we wish you all the best with your studies.

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