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Ready to Write Your Novel?

NewNovelist is an easy-to-use Windows program that guides you through the writing process and helps you organize ideas, detailed scenes and memorable characters as you write your novel.

Like having a personal novel-writing coach by your side, NewNovelist helps you manage your novel efficiently.

NewNovelist helps you:

  • Keep track of details
  • Maintain a coherent story
  • Organize and create your outline
  • ...and much, much more!

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Review from PC Advisor magazine, Rating 9/10

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Product Description

NewNovelist is the perfect tool for beginning or experienced novel writers. It is fun to use and you can install it in seconds.

Write the way you think!
With NewNovelist you can move backwards and forwards through the storyline, develop your own characters and build rich scenes.

Write the ending first or intuitively jump from idea to idea.

Stretch your idea into a novel!
The software will coax the detail out of you and make that detail easily accessible.

Use the details you create anywhere in your writing to create a consistent story. Novels containing consistent, well-thought-out details are more likely to be published. You will be proud to show your family and friends what you have accomplished.

Write your novel in five steps:

  1. Start by creating a working title and a one-line summary of your story. Choose a category (plot-driven, character-driven or epic)--all of this is explained in easy-to-understand help screens.

  2. Create new story characters and classify them the way you want.

  3. Describe the places or settings of your novel and any objects or tools which may become relevant--like creating the sets in a movie. By filling in as much detail as you can, you will make it easier to create consistent, convincing scenes for your characters.

  4. Get help every step of the way with the Chapter Section for expert guidelines.

  5. Use our helpful tutorials to steer you, reassure you and help you find perfect inspiration.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Installs in minutes
  • Helps you develop your characters and scenes
  • Teaches you how to create content-rich detail
  • Requires very little knowledge of computers
  • No previous writing experience required


Q. Am I more likely to complete my novel if I use NewNovelist?

A. Yes! Many people start out writing a novel but don't know how to develop their ideas or the story structure. They often quit after the first few pages. NewNovelist helps you build a solid foundation before you begin writing by teaching you how to create memorable characters and rich scenes.

Q. Does NewNovelist increase my writing creativity?

A. NewNovelist provides creative writing topics, ideas and suggestions for every step, and tools to help you prepare your outline. It will also nurture your ideas for writing a novel by helping you to organize your thoughts on characters, plot development and scene descriptions. By spending time up front developing your structure, your creative writing will flow easier.

Q. What does it look like?

A. NewNovelist Screenshots


"The magic of NewNovelist is that it doesn't feel as if you are writing a book."

Write a novel review Roland White discusses how to write a novel.

"Let me salute NewNovelist, and hope that many millions of them are sold"
Will Self: best-selling author, short listed for the United Kingdom's 'Whitbread Best Novel Award'

"As well as providing a handy way of organising all those notes about characters, scenes and research, NewNovelist has analysed the structure of successful fiction so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Simply decide what kind of story you want to write and fill in the detail for each chapter outline.

You still need to think of an original plot, create convincing characters and write all the actual words but with NewNovelist at the helm, you can be much more confident that the end result will be a novel and not just bunch of random paragraphs."

Review from PC Format magazine

NewNovelist should be considered an essential purchase for anyone who is ready to start on that novel that has been slowly forming in their head.

It isn’t going to write your prose and it isn’t going to guarantee you a best seller.

What it will do is force you to consider all the important elements of structure, character development and the worlds they will inhabit. Furthermore it will give you plenty of handholding in building an effective plot to produce something that has a better chance of involving the reader and grabbing their attention.

Review from Practical PC Magazine, Rating

Most people, however, will find that the magic of NewNovelist is that it doesn't feel as if you are writing a book. Most writers fiddle with their computer as displacement activity. For the cybernovelist, fiddling with the computer is actual productive work. While you're filling in all the details about your character, you are writing without knowing it. As far as I can tell, there is only one drawback: you'll never get the ironing done.

Roland White in the Sunday Times

NewNovelist is clearly structured with easy-to-follow instructions. You can work through the program one stage at a time or use the navigation tree to skip from one section to another. But I’m not too sure what Charles Dickens would think.

Review from PC Advisor magazine, Rating

Everybody has a novel in them, the old joke goes, just like every stone contains a statue. Think of NewNovelist as an electric chisel. It promises to "release the creative genius in all of us" - and it can give you the rough outline of a book in the same time it'd take you to set up a new printer.

Review from Computer Buyer Magazine, Rating

"NewNovelist, software which "allows you to focus your energies on storytelling, free from worries about structure".
It also "breaks down the story-writing process into manageable chunks".

Like a Marks and Sparks bra, NewNovelist holds it all in place, whatever shape you are".

Kate Muir in The Times Magazine


Customer Reviews

"I have installed the software effortlessly and have already started to use it

No more excuses now not to get that novel started!!
I am impressed with what I have seen and glad that I made the purchase."

I McMenemy, Clwyd

"Now that I've been trying NewNovelist, I must say that I like it very much. I am planning two novels with it, while continuing to write my current novel as well."

Alan Fisk, four times published author.

"I think this could be what I've been needing all along. Having been writing short stories and attempted novellas for over ten years as nothing more than a hobby - finally it looks like I've found the right tools to help me take it to the next stage. Very impressed so far - and looking forward to the future with renewed enthusiasm."

Chris Neill, Long-Term Writer

"I was accessing the program last night and it is wonderful. Congratulations on a successful product. Very professionally done as is the website."

Casey Handrop, Teacher of English, Bonita Vista Middle School, Chula Vista, California.

"received recently and up and running satisfactorily. I am happy to recommend it to others."

George Green, Dept of English and Creative Writing, University of Lancaster.

"NewNovelist is wonderful - the only software I have been able to find that works in the same way as a writer's mind. It allows you to develop ideas as they occur to you, regardless of where you might be in the story. This means that the writing process becomes as vivid and dynamic as your imagination."

Seltzer Cole, founder of F!ZZ MED!A™ who has worked as a publisher, writer, videojournalist, producer, news editor and presenter in print, radio and television.

"All I wanted to do was to find a bit of software that helped me get my basic story idea stretched into a novel. It definitely did that for me, and I thought it was well worth the money. The best bit for me was the way it helped me develop characters with the right depth of detail, because that was where I know my story was weak and shallow. Good value for money."

Simon Coe, London

"I started writing my book three years ago but have not been able to pull it all together and finish it. New Novelist has helped me do this - I should have bought it earlier."

Andy Philpott, Bedford,UK

" At last I can throw away all my scraps of paper and post-its and keep all my notes in one place. The software has helped me collect my thoughts and put them all in one place.

I've looked at other writing software packages and they are so complicated and full of jargon that I almost didn't buy NewNovelist, but I'm so glad I did as it's easy to install and use.

I was typing up my novel within minutes of installation.If I were reading the same points in a book I'd most likely be in bed or on a train and not have my PC available, but reading through the sections of the wizard on the screen you actually start typing up your novel then and there. The speed of which you get your novel on the screen is very rewarding.

And don't be put off by the use of the Wizard - everything is interchangeable, you're not stuck with one template that is irrelevant to your work. I'd recommend NewNovelist to anyone who is serious about writing, and after all, it costs little more than the price of a good book!"

Karen from London

" The simplicity and effectiveness of NewNovelist has persuaded me to a write my first ever review for anything. I originally bought this as a gift for my mother - it achieved the tick in the box as a present and I thought that she might actually use it. She hasn't. I loaded it up onto my pc and there it shall stay.

Even though I have had a few ideas, I never thought I would ever get around to writing a short story let alone a novel. NewNovelist has changed that. It has helped me overcome the hardest part: getting started.

It is incredibly valuable in helping me to structure my thoughts, to pre-plan blocks of writing and to have some fun with my new-found hobby.

The software is intuitive and has made it easy for me not only to take ideas and interweave them into the story but also to cut and past earlier drafts.

The software loaded first time and although I had a stupid query about the key authorisation, the after-sales support was responsive and helpful.

In the end my mother will get a copy as will my mother-in-law, uncle and anyone else I know with a computer, time on their hands and the willingness to create. Well done and thanks."

Phil Dawson from Taunton

"I ordered this a few days ago, the package arrived yesterday and I'm absolutely thrilled with this program. I consider myself to be an experienced writer, but it has taught me many new things and I'm very pleased with it.

It takes you right from the beginning of writing any kind of story, and takes you through each step. It doesn't give you all the answers, and the finished result won't be a clichéd or formulaic story. Don't think that this program will just hand you the skeleton for your story. Rather, it shows you examples of other skeletons and informs you about what pieces you might think about including. At no point does the program restrict your creativity.

The software is divided into sections, where you can design the book's different worlds and locations (including sections with everything from economical history to creatures to the smells of the place), your own characters (with lots of helpful hints to get you started and many different screens to develop your characters in), the storyline and much more.

I'm very glad I bought this product and I think that any future author needs this useful piece of software. It's turned about two hundred documents of scrappy, disorganized notes into one neat file and my writing is storming ahead. I fully recommend this product.

RL, San Francisco, California

Buy NewNovelist now and try it risk-free for 30 days!

NewNovelist was written for the potential author inside you. What's more, you don't need to be a computer whiz or an experienced writer to learn how to use it. Don't wait--get started on your new novel! This innovative software will make all your efforts enjoyable and effective.

Unleash the potential author within!

newnovelist was written for the potential author inside everyone. What's more, you don't need to be a computer whiz or an experienced writer to learn how to use it. Don't wait - get started on your new novel today! This innovative software will make all your efforts enjoyable and effective.


System Requirements

Platform: Windows® Vista, XP or 2000
CPU: Pentium® processor 233 MHz or faster
Disk Space: 10 MB available disk space
Display: 640x480 Display, 16-bit color or better

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