Notify a Creditor That You Have Stopped Payment on a Check • Letter Templates and Guide

How to write this letter:

1Inform the reader of the date that you sent the first check, mentioning the check number and amount.
2If appropriate, tell the reader you have sent a second check. Again, mention the date you sent it, the check number, and the amount.
3Tell the reader that you have stopped payment on the first check, and, if you have not already done so, give the reason why.
4Close with a statement about the services or product the creditor has rendered or with an apology for the inconvenience.


Your motives for writing this letter may vary. You may only wish to notify a creditor that you have canceled the check because it never reached his or her office. Or, you may wish to notify a creditor that you did not receive the goods or services promised and have, therefore, stopped payment on the check. Either way, this letter's tone should remain courteous and formal.

Example Letter #1


I sent you a check (#123) for $123.00 on May 5, 2018, to pay for work your employees did on my driveway. Unfortunately, the work has proved defective, and I am stopping payment on the check until you fix the defects. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. As soon as you complete the work properly, I will send you a new check for the full amount.

Example Letter #2


On May 25, I sent a check to the Doe Corporation, #123, for $100.00. When I received your past due notice yesterday, I checked with my bank and discovered that the check was never presented for payment, and apparently has been lost. I have stopped payment on the first check and am enclosing another check, #345, for $100.00.

Please accept my apology for the delay. I appreciate doing business with such a fine company.

Example Letter #3


My bank confirms that my check #345, in the amount of $700, has not been cashed. I mailed the check with October's bill on October 29. Since you have sent me a second billing statement, I can only assume the check has been lost. I have enclosed a replacement check, #354, to pay the balance of $700. I am stopping payment on the first check and ask that you return it if it reaches your office. I apologize for the delay and inconvenience.

Example Letter #4


On October 8, I sent a check #567 in the amount of $550.00 for purchase and installation of an automatic sprinkler system in my yard. The work was not begun on the fifteenth as agreed, with no explanation offered. This failure to meet the terms of our verbal contract is unacceptable. I have stopped payment on my check and am taking my business elsewhere.