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Dar un cumplido o reconocer a alguien por un logro

(Compliment or praise someone for an achievement)

Pista GRATUITA: Regardless of whether you write this letter directly to the person being complimented or to the person's peers, the tone should be warm, personal, and relatively informal.

Sample Letter #1:
You must be very happy to graduate after four years of sacrifice and hard work. It takes special dedication and perseverance to get through such a demanding course of study. We congratulate you and wish you the best as you embark on your next exciting adventure. Your achievement is an example to us all. Keep in touch!

Sample Letter #2:
In celebration of the release of Doe 2002, I commend each of you for your dedication and hard work. You deserve to be proud of your achievement. May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding. Thank you for the best Doe product ever!

Sample Letter #3:
I just learned that your essay won first place in national competition. Congratulations! I know how strongly you felt about the issue, and how long you worked on developing your argument. You are a good example of how commitment and hard work pay off.

This honor indicates a promising future in journalism and public service. We wish you the very best.

Sample Letter #4:
I congratulate you for getting your bachelor's degree this spring. Your accomplishing this while maintaining a home and raising three children is a marvelous achievement. Your determination to reach your goal has been admirable. I'm sure your husband, who has been your chief support, must be very proud of you. You are a good role model

Or, Build Your Own Letters

Use our step-by-step instructions and sample sentences and phrases for each writing step.

1. State the reason for the compliment.


  • Many of you may not know that we have a hero in our midst. Last Saturday John Doe rescued two children from a sinking boat.
  • I appreciated your outstanding performance in the school play. The director made the right move when he cast you as Petruchio.
  • We want to tell you how proud we are of you for your outstanding achievement in obtaining your Bachelor of Arts degree.
  • I just learned of the award you recently received from the Doe Society.
  • We are proud to have such an outstanding design team working on our product. You truly deserved the Doe Award for best performance of the year.
  • I wasn't at all surprised to hear that you were elected chairperson of our committee, but I was very pleased.
  • I had the pleasure of reading your latest article and enjoyed it tremendously. You have a great talent for capturing the humor in everyday life.


  • a job well done
  • accept my sincere congratulations
  • are proud to
  • commend you for
  • could not imagine a more deserving
  • delighted to hear
  • had the pleasure of
  • heartiest congratulations
  • honored your achievements
  • how much I appreciated
  • just learned of
  • may not know
  • may not be aware
  • not surprised
  • this significant accomplishment
  • this prestigious award
  • very proud of her
  • want to tell you
  • was happy to learn of
  • were very pleased to hear
  • would like you to know
  • your outstanding performance
  • your outstanding achievement

2. Acknowledge the personal qualities required to reach the achievement or accomplishment.


  • His actions are a reflection of the courage and unselfishness that we have come to recognize in him.
  • The years you have invested in studying drama have paid off. As I watched the play, I didn't see my friend John Doe; I saw Petruchio.
  • I know how difficult it must have been to work part-time, go to school full-time, and still set aside quality time with your family. You are an excellent example to us all.
  • This is a significant accomplishment that undoubtedly required the dedication and cooperation of the whole team.
  • It is a tribute to your administrative talent and your hard work.
  • You must have spent weeks traveling the byways of our state to gather the stories you wove together so skillfully.


  • worthy role model
  • desire for success
  • developed your talent for
  • earned the respect of
  • fortitude and perseverance
  • genuine caring for
  • has a gift for
  • has the determination to
  • inherent desire to achieve
  • knowledge and experience
  • outstanding talent
  • perseverance and sheer hard work
  • person of unquestioned integrity
  • presence of mind
  • sensitivity to the needs of
  • set a fine example for
  • stamina and ambition
  • stand up for what is right and fair
  • the courage to keep going
  • will to succeed
  • willingness to dedicate yourself to
  • willingness to help

3. Extend your wishes for continued success.


  • We wish you similar success in the future.
  • Best wishes to you in your new position.
  • I commend you for your achievement and hope you will enjoy its rewards for years to come.
  • We compliment you on your success and send our best wishes for the future.
  • We appreciate your devotion to your position and wish that we had more leaders like you.
  • Thank you for setting such a wonderful example.
  • I admire your stamina and ambition. Good luck with your next project.
  • Please accept our compliments and wishes for your happiness and success.
  • I know you are the right person for the job. You have my full support.
  • I give you my best wishes for your future endeavors.
  • As your friend, I am perhaps your biggest fan. Good luck on your next project.


  • appreciation for
  • are very proud of you
  • cannot overestimate the value of
  • commend you for
  • congratulations to
  • continue to excel
  • enjoy the rewards of
  • for all you do to
  • for proving that
  • good luck with
  • have my full support
  • in the future
  • in your new
  • keep up the good work
  • our best wishes
  • thank you for
  • will be watching your
  • wish you continued success
  • wish you similar success with
  • wish to express our
  • years to come
  • your happiness and success
  • your devotion to
  • your many contributions to
  • your future endeavors

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